Super Mario Maker 2 update add highly requested World-Maker feature.

Nintendo is winding down on support for the Nintendo Switch hit Super Mario Maker 2. And it looks like they’re seeking to go out with a bang. A YouTube video randomly dropped at around 10 pm EST features details on what is in the final update for the hugely popular sandbox game.

More Costumes, More Enemies, More Obstacles

First, we’re introduced to even more additions to the already robust customization options featured in the base game. The new costumes include a Super Mario Brothers 2 outfit. This allows Mario to pick up just about anything that he’s standing on at the time. It is a nice compromise that stands in for those gamers who were missing the gameplay style of the oft-overlooked classic. Additional costumes include the frog suit which lets Mario run on and swim in the water, the squirrel suit, which lets Mario glide between obstacles, and a slew of hats that let Mario do everything from shoot through the air like a bullet bill to blending in with enemy by appearing as a goomba.

The new enemies are mostly made up of a handful of new Koopa types. The standout here is the addition of the Koopalings. Each Koopaling comes with its own attack pattern and looks to be usable across all game styles. The addition of two new obstacles, the Cursed Key, which attracts ghosts to the holder, and the Trampoline, which can be triggered by a switch, are also welcome additions. The community is sure to see a surge of some truly creative levels with the introduction of these new mechanics into the meta. But in classic Nintendo fashion, there was also that “One More Thing” moment.

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World Maker is finally here!

And last but not least, we have World Maker. Players will finally have the option to take their collection of levels and neatly lay them out across custom “worlds” for which the series is known. The worlds appear just as they do in Super Mario World, simply charming over world maps that go a long way to adding cohesion to a series of levels. This has been a much requested feature by fans since the day Super Mario Maker 2 dropped.

What’s surprising is how customizable these world maps are. Players can choose from several backdrops, including underground, sky, and even outer space. These are just to name a few. With this new feature, players can take their creativity to the next level, and build entire campaigns rather than disparate levels. Many players are sure to return if the feature as in depth as the short presentation led us to believe. For more detailed information on all of the new features coming to Super Mario Maker 2, check out the video from Nintendo’s channel below.

Let us know in the comments what you think of all the additional content!

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