A new ad for the much anticipated Super Mario Maker 2 has revealed new enemies, as well as new building mechanics. Fans who were impressed with the amount of creativity in the original Mario Maker may be in for a treat. Twitter user @MarkCooper has discovered a new advertisement for the next installment in the Mario franchise. The poster was found in an unnamed Japanese store, that reveals new things that have not been showcased up until this point.

As it may be too blurry for viewers to decipher, John from GameXplain has uploaded a breakdown of the poster. The top left image next to the switch reveals an underwater level in the classic Super Mario Bros style. The level is seen to have dynamic water as well as snake blocks. Within this screenshot, it is revealed that Super Mario Maker 2 may include Amiibo costumes, as well as potential size changes for Mario. The next image to the right reveals a new snow level in the Super Mario 3d World style as well as two Charvaargh’s, and multiple Icicles.

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Additionally, the screenshot also showcases Meowser, who didn’t appear in the original Mario Maker. The bottom left image next to the Switch doesn’t reveal anything new, but the one to the right does. The screenshot (in the Super Mario World style) presents coloured pipes, with new colours such as yellow and blue, as well as a cloud-like platform. Aside from the last image not revealing anything new, fans are definitely hyped for the sequel. Super Mario Maker 2 releases on the 28th of June 2019.


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