Culture of Gaming had the opportunity to attend Supanova 2019 and sit down with Donna Burke, the voice behind some of Metal Gear Solid’s best songs and voices!

Donna Burke (born December 12, 1964) is an Australian singer and voice actress who was born and raised in Perth before moving to Tokyo in 1996. She has released three albums and has performed many voice acting roles in anime and video games.

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Burke’s first involvement with the Metal Gear series was providing the vocals for the track “Heavens Divide” from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. She later provided the voice for the iDroid in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and sang for the track “Sins of the Father” which appeared on The Phantom Pain’s E3 2013 Red Band trailer. Burke also performed cover versions of “The Best is Yet to Come”, “Can’t Say Goodbye to Yesterday”, “Snake Eater”, “Love Theme” and “Quiet’s Theme” for the soundtrack Metal Gear Solid ~Vocal Tracks~.

Besides her work in the Metal Gear franchise, Burke has performed in other Konami roles such as Hel in Boktai, Ursula in Lunar Knights, Angela Orosco in Silent Hill 2, and Claudia Wolf in Silent Hill 3.

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