Speculation is one of the many things gamers love to do when waiting on the next installment of a series. Probably the best first-person shooter of 2016 gave us a spectacular story of a rookie pilot and his seasoned Titan. Titanfall 2 gave us the first campaign within the series which really broke our hearts at the end. Even though our hearts were hurting, we were given a glimpse of hope. We also received word that Respawn Entertainment will continue to work on future Titanfall projects after EA acquired the studio. If you have not played the entirety of the game, then please be wary of SPOILERS AHEAD!

Laying Out the Theory

At the end of the famous parkour, mech-dropping FPS, BT-7274 sacrificed himself to save Jack Cooper and the Militia home world, Harmony. We are struck with aw as BT throws Jack into the air saving him from the fold weapon’s destruction. This action, for some, was unexpected due to the fact that BT’s chassis was destroyed earlier.

Just before the credits roll, we see Militia forces returning to Harmony and overhear Cooper’s log entry. He states,

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“Commander Briggs says I’ll be inducted into the Marauder Corps and assigned a new Titan after the techs wipe what what’s left of my neural link with BT. I don’t know what that’ll feel like…to get assigned a new Titan. I kind of liked the old one. This is Pilot Jack Cooper, signing off.”

Once the last line is said, credits begin to roll and we see multiple images of Cooper being congratulated. As soon as the credits end, we are given an image of a few items. They are: a pilot helmet, presumably Jacks, a smart pistol, and a data knife. The helmet’s lights then flicker oddly, and then we are left with nothing. What do those flickering lights mean?!?

Fans of the series were quick to analyze the flickering lights coming to the conclusion that it was Morse code being used. After deciphering, theorist came to the conclusion that the flashing says “JACK?” We can assume this is BT due to him inserting his artificial intelligence into Jack’s helmet in an earlier mission. Believe it or not, some of BT may have survived within the helmet.

Titanfall 3’s Story

After all this information on what the second game left us, what can we expect for the third installment? What you can expect is some sort of time jump between the two games. I doubt Titanfall 3 will pick up the story right where the last one left off. I predict that Respawn will take us to a more mature Jack Cooper than in the first game. We know he will be inducted into the Marauder Corps, which we know are some of the best pilots out there. It would make sense for us to see Jack in a higher position as he was before. Gaining a rank such as general or commander would be a refreshing take on the character.

Other characters that need to return include Sarah Briggs, the Commander of the Militia. Her involvement in Titanfall 2 was limited to a few missions so it would be nice to see more of Briggs or even have the option of playing as her. Exploring Sarah’s story would be beneficial in terms of creating an emotional connection with her so players can form a stronger bond. In the first game, we only get a long enough game for two character bonds so it would be nice to expand those options into existing characters or new ones.

Another character that must return in the story is the antagonist of the second game, General Marder of the IMC. We see very little of this character in the game, but he was the man running things on the planet Typhon. He hired the Apex Predators to oversee security operations while the Fold weapon was being constructed. Marder will have a bone to pick with the Militia following the events of Titanfall 2. He may very well go for them himself or rehire what is left of the Apex Predators which as far as we know is Kuben Blisk, to take them on.

Main Staple in the Story

Speaking of Kuben Blisk, he is the final character that must make a return for the third installment. Blisk was the original antagonist in the first game and has since made his way through each game alive. We know at the end of the second game that he offers Cooper a position in the Apex Predators’ faction, but as far as we know Cooper doesn’t take it. A sure way to shock fans for the third game would to have Cooper be apart of the faction rather than the Militia.


If Cooper were to start off in Titanfall 3 as a member of the Apex Predators, then this would give us a different perspective that feels fresh and new. Maybe Jack lost faith in what he used to fight for. We may see him struggle between the good and the bad as he tries to find his place in the Frontier’s conflict. If this direction is taken, then Jack will come to his senses, kill Blisk, and join the Militia once more. What would make him do this? BT of course!

After all this time, Cooper may have kept his original helmet and snippets of BT have been haunting him. Jack doesn’t think anything of it until something allows BT’s fragments to become whole. This resurrection will make Jack come back to the good side. Of course, this would be the fight within Jack. There has to be some kind of conflict on the outside between the Militia and the IMC. What this external conflict is, we cannot be sure as the game doesn’t leave us with any clues.

Of course, all of this is speculation which is almost never right, but it is fun. What do you think the story of Titanfall 3 will be? What is the next game you want us to speculate about? Let us know down in the comments!

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