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Sunday Speculation is back! This time we are discussing the Avengers, but in game form. A lot of excitement has surrounded the upcoming movie, Avengers: Infinity War, which is a culmination of what the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been pushing for ever since the first Iron Man film. However, we cannot forget the announcement of Marvel and Square Enix partnering together to make multiple games. This project will start with the Avengers Project, which we know very little about. All we have to go off of is the teaser trailer which we will begin to break down now. Let us speculate!

Trailer Breakdown

The trailer we get announcing this amazing partnership is almost shrouded in mystery. The first detail we get from it is a woman’s voice which says, “They say the time of heroes is over.” We get zero details on who this woman is. We can only suspect that she will play a vital role within the game’s story. Maybe it is Monica Rambeau, the second person to take the role of Captain Marvel, who also served as the leader of the Avengers for some time. Why is it this version?

Well, near the end of the trailer we hear her say, “The world will always need heroes. We just need to reassemble.” This leads me to believe that this game will take place after Civil War. Who better to “reassemble” the Avengers than Captain Marvel? Am I right? Anyway, she includes herself in the reassembling so she must be some kind of superhero which only supports the claim even more. Of course, this could be another form of Captain Marvel, such as Carol Danvers, who is the most recent interpretation of the character.

Moving onto visuals, we first get to see a pair of glasses with broken frames. Behind them is a steel door or containment room which is ripped apart as if a green giant came through. This is obviously Hulk’s doing. We even get a roar from him just seconds after. Next, we move onto Thor’s hammer which is sitting in a pile of rubble. Thunder crashes overhead and the handle lights up with lightning. We then move onto an iron hand with a flashing repulsor. It is laying in a puddle with small bits of rubble around it as well meaning some kind of battle. Finally, Captain America’s shield sits in another pile of rubble as sparks emit from a light above.

These four heroes were the main staple of the MCU Avengers so I have to believe that Square Enix will stay in line with the movies rather than the comics. Of course they can always draw inspiration from both, but this does seem familiar to the movies. I think working parallel with the movies will benefit them more so that they can stay relevant.

Infinity War

I have already touched on when the story will take place, but what is going to happen? If it takes place after Civil War and they rely on the direction of the MCU, than it is surely headed in the direction of Infinity War. With this being said, we could see a lot of different superheroes. Thanos is the end-game boss of course with smaller bosses such as Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glave and Black Dwarf on the lower parts of the ladder.

These four sidekicks will be featured in the upcoming Infinity War movies which makes them high possibilities for this game. You can get a few glimpses of them in the trailer such as when one throws a staff at ex-Captain America, Steve Rogers. These four would make great mini-bosses for the heroes of the story. This also touches on what we can expect gameplay wise so let’s speculate about that too.

The Avengers Project - Possible Mini-Bosses

Heroic Gameplay

Story is cool and all, but it can be bogged down by bad gameplay. I expect the game to take the form of an action-adventure game with open-world elements. Batman: Arkham Knight and the most recent Spider-Man game have these elements. Players are able to accept missions across the map as they beat up bad guys and track down the boss. What makes The Avengers Project interesting though is that the player would have access to more than just one hero to play as.

Unlike the games I mentioned, the Avengers would have a large selection of heroes to choose from. Due to so many heroes, the option of cooperative play is also a possibility. This would allow different gameplay across the same missions multiple times, giving the game layers. A selection of abilities and equipment could also be added to complicate gameplay even more. Similar to the games above, hack and slash mechanics would be the core gameplay of defeating enemies.

One last feature that would be great to see in a superhero game is multiplayer. Pitting two teams of heroes against each other with a number of combinations for hero composition sounds downright fun. Pulling this mechanic from Overwatch really sounds great as long as there is a mission to complete rather than team deathmatches. Heroes are meant to complete a task, not mindlessly kill each other.

Of course, this is all speculation. What do you think of The Avengers Project? What are your speculations? Let us know down in the comments!

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