E3 2017 revealed a lot of great upcoming titles, but one that really caught people’s attention was Anthem. The brains behind the hit series Mass Effect, Bioware, is developing what looks to be an MMORPG that will compete against games such as Destiny. As of right now, we know very little on the story or type of game Anthem will be, but we can very well speculate.

Influential Factors

Although we only see six minutes of gameplay, we can pick apart the trailer as we notice a number of influences acting on this game. Not only other games are acting upon this game; large portions of the world lean toward James Cameron’s Avatar. We get a glimpses of a few creatures such as a herd of herbivore like creatures and a large carnivore of some sort.

These creatures will play a large role in the games environment in terms of combat. Our main protagonist in the trailer seems to be hesitant on taking the beast down herself so she decides to pass it by for a later adventure. Objectives surrounding wildlife could be a potential within the game seeing that the world looks to be massive.

Another large influence this game houses is the inclusion of exosuits. Science fiction games lately have moved in this direction such as some Call of Duty games, but the largest franchise to hit has been Titanfall. Within Anthem, the exosuits are known as Javelins. We know there are a number of types such as the Ranger and the Colossus which feature different play-styles similar to Titans. I think we can expect a wide range of Javelin types with a multitude of modifications to allow maximum customization.

Finally, the last influence we can discern from the trailer is Destiny. We see an area similar to that of the Tower where players can switch out their Javelins, pick up objectives and purchase supplies. We don’t see it being as social as the Tower, but of course that could change over the time in development. A tidbit of loot is thrown out near the end when we see the player rewarded with a new weapon after completing a mission. I can only hope Anthem‘s loot system will be a bit more kind than Destiny‘s in terms of grinding.

The Story of Anthem

“You either live with the choices you make or die trying to change them.”

This single line we get from the teaser trailer is what will fuel the story in AnthemMass Effect featured many big choices for players. Characters would die or survive depending on them. Players can expect the same kind of choices in Anthem based on that single phrase.

Fort Tarsis is the area similar to the Tower in Destiny. It is protected by the Wall which protects its citizens from the hostile environment. Only freelancers travel outside the fort to take on missions given from inside. What will drive the story of Anthem? I think players can expect some kind of outside force threatening the fort’s security. We know there are some sentient alien species that players will face from the gameplay demo, but how much of a threat are they? The environment is also a large threat so maybe it will come into contact with Fort Tarsis. And lastly, the players in the demo fly into a large storm. Does that have some kind of threat on the fort?

A Social Experience

Electronic Arts is pushing for all of their games to be a service rather than a product. They believe players should keep coming back to games to play them rather than playing once and never picking them up again. Due to this mindset, Anthem will be the perfect game for this. If EA throws out this game with consistent updates and downloadable content, than they can expect this game to be a service.

Just like DestinyAnthem is shaping up to be a social experience. I am certain players will get to play story elements together with seamless joining as it would only make the gamer better. PvP elements are sure to come along side the cooperative fun, but of course details of that are to come.

So far, Anthem is a complete mystery to us. We must hope that we hear from the studio soon on the development and gameplay. Until then, keep speculating.

What do you think Anthem will be like? What game do you want us to speculate next? Let us know down in the comments!

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