Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Revealed

As many anticipated, the DC Fandome event took place on August 22. The mega event was highlighting some of the biggest reveals and announcements coming from DC Comics. Amongst the robust reveals, the line up included new the game, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. A new title from Batman Arkham Series developers Rocksteady Studios. The game was teased early this week before the event, now revealed in a newly released trailer. However, the caped crusader will not be the main attraction this time around. That spotlight will be given to the ragtag group known as the Suicide Squad.

The game will feature some of Batman’s rogue gallery of villains, including Harley Quinn, King Shark, Captain Boomerang, and Deadshot. From the reveal trailer, the dastardly group is taking out a new group of enemies within Metropolis. The trailer shows off some of the abilities and weapons used within the game. Players will utilize weapons such as Harley Quinn’s famed baseball bat, Boomerang’s teleporting boomerangs, and Deadshot’s weaponry.

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Also, Superman does make an appearance in a very different and sinister manner than usual. However, it seems like Supes may be under the control of Brainiac. Thus, Amanda Waller calls forth the Suicide Squad to take care of business. The game is confirmed to take place within the Arkhamverse, which adds a bit of clarity to what is going on outside of Gotham City. The game will support four-player co-op or a single-player experience if players prefer. In contrast, there are four playable villains to choose from. Yet, there is no confirmed word that the title will include other members of the Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is scheduled for release in 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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