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Starxium 20XX, the first game by The Midnight Team, has just launched its Kickstarter. The Midnight Team is a one-man studio run by Hugo Attal who is the creator, developer, game designer, graphist, composer, 3D modeler, webmaster, community manager, designer and marketer of Starxium 20XX.

A neon-lit callback to the 80’s, Starxium is a competitive four-on-four car game that revolves around capturing an objective that is moving on a highway. Essentially, it sounds like king of the hill with cars. Fighting and pushing enemy cars off the road while trying to capture the convoy sounds like frantic fun. Also, we all know how popular Rocket League has become. If the game is fun to both play and watch, it might be worth checking out. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Hugo Attal says:

Starxium 20XX was created with e-sport in mind: it’s made to be as fun to play as it is to watch. That’s why I developed a new genre of vehicle-based game: a ‘capture the point’ with a high-speed moving point. Players need to stay near a moving convoy so it’s easier for viewers to understand what is going on in the round.”

The cars in the game can be customized. Everything from the wheels to the motor, from the chassis to the battery can be changed to make this your own unique car.

Attal seems to be in full support of a growing community modding and changing up the experience of the game. Starxium 20XX will support creating new maps and modes, and of course a battle royale mode is in the works.

To get more information on the game or support it you can go to the following links which go to the Starxium 20XX website and the Kickstarter.


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