Starter guide to constructor in Fortnite STW

Constructors are one of the classes you can play in Fortnite: Save The World. Their specialty is building, placing traps, and controlling large groups of enemies. They are arguably the best class in Save the World, boasting the highest damage, kill rate, and defensive capabilities. 

In my opinion, this class is the strongest but it is also one of the more complicated. Everything you do revolves around traps and enemy manipulation. It’ll take some time to learn the different terrain, where to build your tunnels, and how to manage them if enemies break through. This guide will not go through loadouts, as Fortnite: Save the World is well balanced. Instead of strict loadouts, there is only personal preferences and playstyles.

Basic Playstyle

A constructor is one of the more tank based classes too. They have a higher health pool, alongside the soldier class, making them hard to kill as you fix and place traps.

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A constructor’s weakness is their combat capabilities. They are slow and most of their weapon perks aren’t as good as the other classes. In a mission that doesn’t require defence building, an example being exterminations, you won’t be as effective.

The primary playstyle revolves around their class perk and ability, B.A.S.E, which they can put down on anything that is built. This allows constructors to increase the area they control in combat, and also increases the defences of your build (I’ll go into more detail later on).

The constructor’s second class perk is Actuated Attacks. This increases melee damage and includes hardware and club weapons. This bonus does help the constructors combat capabilities but the weapon class is not as potentially lethal as other classes.


Rocket Launchers

Constructors benefit most from explosive weapons. They use durability instead of ammo so making them sunbeam is a complete waste in the long run. Their damage radius and clear speed compliment the playstyle that is necessary for the constructor. You can build them easily but make sure you always farm for the materials in every mission as they break easily.

The Quad launcher boasts a hard hit and good fire rate, while the Noble launcher can be charged up to do high damage. A Vacuum tube launcher provides decent crowd control with its high impact damage, which can hold a Smasher in place.

Hardware melee weapons

Hardware weapons are the slowest melee weapons in Save the World. They do have high impact damage which is necessary is stunning, knocking down, or interrupting husks in missions. This does not affect mini-bosses or bosses. They’re very good for large hordes as they usually have high radius damage and crowd control is very beneficial in defence missions. 

Good hardware weapons include the Lead Sled, a fast hammer with heavy attacks, and Mr. Red has high DPS and is brutal with a full critical rating. The Vindertech Slammer is another fast hammer and its heavy attack has an amazing clear rate. 


Club melee weapons

Club weapons are faster but less impactful versions of hardware weapons, making them less necessary. I have only used the Fortsville Slugger because it’s an amusing baseball bat. I don’t recommend Club weapons until Save the World expands its roster more. That said, if you find it funny to hit zombies with a baseball bat, go for it.


These are your tools of the trade. Every trap has a use and you need to focus a lot on levelling them if you want to main a constructor. They’re versatile and if you place them well, you won’t have to do anything for the whole mission.

Since they are all useful, I will only ask that you consider launcher traps. Knocking back husks means you have more control over their movement. An example is a trick called a stall room, you create a single room full of traps in every direction. Wall launchers throw enemies in, making them spend more time walking out again. Little uses like these make the constructor a powerful class.


Constructors have lots of controlling abilities and some damaging abilities, depending on the hero. Each subclass has up to three skills from the list of abilities per class and all abilities scale with the Tech stat.


This isn’t a skill but I wanted to cover it as it’s still used as an ability. B.A.S.E, is a skill that increases defence and, depending on perks, buffs versatility, damage, and crowd control. It is the bread and butter of the constructor class. It produces combos such as healing allies, damage enemies, resource generation, and boosts trap damage. These can also trigger all at the same time.

It is the strongest and most game-changing ability in the game. The only downside is it can be destroyed, so protect it with some walls and a ceiling. 


DECOY distracts enemies in a one-and-a-half tile radius for 12 seconds. Its crowd control is strong and will benefit your squad. You can stall enemies in a trap tunnel, group enemies and blast them with explosives, the possibilities are endless with DECOY.

Bull Rush

A charging ability that picks-up most husks and knocks them back. A decent crowd control ability that can reposition enemies where you want them. The possibilities are endless, however its lack of damage, compared to other abilities, can make it less useful at times. 

Plasma Pulse

Drop a device that does radius damage for 10 seconds. It does plasma damage and is good for clearing, especially if you have a constructor rocking DECOY and Plasma Pulse. Its lack of throwing range means you’ll have fight close range, so be weary about it’s placement and you’ll be fine.


R.O.S.I.E was the new ability given to constructors that places an extremely powerful turret on a player built structure that anyone can use. However, it’s actually quite gimmicky.

Firstly, a good constructor that does his job won’t actually need R.O.S.I.E too clear mobs, they traps to do that for them.

Secondly, you cannot move when using R.O.S.I.E . You’re a sitting duck to most monsters and ranged husks. Even if you’re a lanky character, which you are by default, a mist monster at the same power level will melt you down with ease.

R.O.S.I.E truly benefits only players that don’t have a decent weapon, or a low power level. 

Final Basic Tips and Strategies

Make sure you have resources for your explosive weapons, they clear faster than most ranged weapons and can turn a mission around.

I recommend levelling one rocket launcher at a time. Even if they’re different, their damage remains high as a collective, and you want to focus more of your schematic experience on traps.

Watch David Dean’s or Aidan Harris’ trap tunnel videos. They’ll help get you started on the art of trap tunnelling. They teach basics, their thoughts on trap placements, and they are constantly updating their strategies when it comes to clearing hordes.

Learning what each enemy does and what can stop them comes in handy. An explosive husk will throw their gasoline at a wall or player so having a vast layer of floor or ceiling traps can kill them early. A smasher mows down walls but cannot charge down a slope. So building a slope directs them away from the battle. Simple strategies like these make a big difference. 

MEGA Base Kyle is arguably one of the strongest constructors out there. He gives extra range in B.A.S.E which is good for any mission.

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