One cannot deny that Nintendo showed its support for Ubisoft during E3. Ubisoft revealed that Fox McCloud from Star Fox would be playable in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Well, Ubisoft’s new toys to life venture had another reveal this past Gamescom… albeit accidentally. IGN released a promotional video for Gamescom that quickly got removed. IGN removed the video because it accidentally revealed that Fox’s mentor, Peppy Hare, would also appear in the game.

What Ubisoft Is Hiding

While IGN has long since removed the video, a screen-cap of Peppy was captured before IGN could remove the video. The reason IGN took down the video remains anyone’s guess. The likeliest of answers includes that Ubisoft wished to reveal Peppy at a later date. Although now that the gaming world has had the reveal spoiled, Ubisoft may likely move up any planned reveal trailer. A link to the screen-cap of Peppy can be seen here.

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Peppy appears in the picture to look closer to his Star Fox Zero interpretation. He also seems to look ready for action. The animation style remains similar to Fox’s Star Fox Zero look.

Could There Be More?

But now that we know he will appear in Starlink: Battle for Atlas, it may become safe to assume that the rest of the Star Fox crew will appear as well. After all, fans consider Star Fox’s bird with attitude, Falco Lombardi, more of a popular character than Peppy Hare. Peppy is not unpopular, by any means, but given that Ubisoft has yet to reveal the more popular Star Fox wingman, chances are high we could be seeing Slippy Toad as well.

As stated earlier, Ubisoft has gained Nintendo’s trust. This comes with the success of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Nintendo is also no stranger to the toys to life model of gaming. Examples include Activision’s Skylanders series and of course, the Amiibo.

Should We Worry?

Now, I am an outside observer to the Starlink series. Ubisoft probably aims its audience more towards children. I must wonder if having the Star Fox characters’ inclusion in the series is an attempt to appeal to kids. After all, the main characters that one will play as in Starlink are mostly humans. In Skylanders, one would always play as fantastical creatures that one would not see anywhere else.

When I look at Starlink, I have no doubt that the concept of building your own ship from the parts you or your parents bought will appeal to a kid. It could even appeal to some adults who consider themselves collectors. I worry, though, about the art style of Starlink.

In my opinion, Skylanders had an identity that was easier for kids to grasp. I may worry for nothing, but I think Starlink needs Star Fox. Star Fox’s quirky animals can aid Starlink in a more memorable presentation.

Why I’m Concerned

I based my concern from how poorly players received No Man’s Sky, with its concept of exploration as well.  Again, I could be completely wrong and the PS4 version of Starlink: Battle for Atlas has nothing to worry about. The characters and story of an evil alien race taking over Atlas may be enough to suffice. Star Fox may just be frosting on a cake that’s already delicious.

The truth is no one knows how well the game will until it comes out. A game that has its creators beaming with excitement at every press conference probably has nothing to worry about. We will know when it comes out on October 16, 2018.

What do you hope to see out of Starlink, characters or otherwise? Does the Star Fox team in Starlink make you want the game any more than you already did? Let us know in the comments below!

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