Stardew Valley’s 1.4 update went live this week and it is a pleasant improvement. The update is available now on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. According to developer Eric Barone, the Nintendo Switch and mobile versions of the game will have access to this update for Stardew Valley “soon,” as mentioned in a blog post, but there’s no exact release date set.

This update adds plenty of new content and quality of life features, including requests made by the community. A notable addition is late-game content that adds more to do once players complete main story events, like resolving the JojaMart situation or marrying one of the villagers and having kids. In addition to new items and quality of life changes, this update also features an upgraded controller support system, balance changes, multiplayer changes/additions, and gameplay fixes.

Here are some highlights from the change log:

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  • Divorced spouses will no longer attend your next wedding event.
  • Kids have hats!
  • New character events.
  • Loads of farm house upgrades.
  • An endless amount of new items to purchased and crafted.
  • Advanced crafting.
  • New mining content.
  • A new farm map called “Four Corners”. This new map was designed with multiplayer in mind and allows for each player to have their own little quadrant to live in.
  • Players can now recover lost items after getting knocked out in the mines.
  • The game now allows a VSync option. Disabling VSync may improve overall frame rate at the expense of frame rate stability.
  • And a new end-game mystery!

Check out the full change log here on the Stardew Valley Wiki page!

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