Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is finally being shown off by Respawn and EA at this year’s Chicago Star Wars Celebration.  The biggest item on most people’s wishlists has already been answered. We are getting a single player story based in the Star Wars universe.  The story is based in a rapidly changing era that is rarely explored, and this gives the developers plenty of opportunities how to guide the game.

Star Wars

But very little else has been revealed so far. It has been a long time since we have gotten a truly great single player experience set in this world. Star Wars is already one of the most popular franchises ever. With it being in such a controversial rut, a big win is needed, and expectations are high. Mine are no different.

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At Least Twenty Hours

A minimum of twenty hours of game play is needed for Fallen Order. Nowadays, that’s not unheard of or even unreasonable. Even if the game doesn’t possess open world mechanics, creating a narrative and side objectives with such a length is needed.

According to How Long To Beat, the original Force Unleashed had a completion time of seventeen hours. If a game from over a decade ago was able to nearly fulfill this requirement, without an open world as well, then there’s little reason that a game coming out now cannot as well.

Twenty hours gives a comfortable, fulfilling experience. One that isn’t over before it ever began, and allows the player to discover new things in repeat plays.

Some Customization

Being able to alter some aspects of your character would be great. While it is unlikely that we are getting a character creator in game, hopefully we will be able to decide what our lightsaber looks like. Be able to focus on various schools of thought when it comes to the force as well.

Star Wars

It would be a welcome surprise if we were able to utilize blasters and other weaponry as well. We’ve seen this in previous Star Wars games such as Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. It adds more variation in combat, skills, and can even create more collectibles for players to hunt down.

RPG Mechanics

The game being a full blown RPG would be great, but at the least it needs some RPG mechanics. These will help with enemy scaling, diversifying combat and movement, and create different experiences for players to try out every time they decided to start over. Besides just customization.

Skill trees are a big one. With elements like the force existing in the world, there are unlimited potential for new skills, abilities, and so on. Same with combat, especially if non lightsaber-based combat is encouraged in any capacity.

Fallen Order

Decision making is another important aspect. While creating a canonical jumping off point from the end of the game is what will probably happen, at least being able to choose some dialogue options, have a few different scenarios happen throughout, etc. One ending is fine, there are more ways to make what the player does have an actual impact than just creating multiple endings.

Give Me Tears

I want a true epic from this story. In an era full of death for the Jedi, I expect a lot of truly heartbreaking moments. Respawn has proven capable of creating strong narratives. But they need to take it to a whole new level for Fallen Order. The game has the potential to be the greatest Star Wars game ever made. The place that all other before it fell weakest on, was a truly masterful narrative. If the developers accomplish one item on this list, and only one. Let it be this one.

Expand on the Lore

Most people are probably wanting to see pre-established characters appear throughout the game. I would much rather the game create a variety of new, strong characters for fans to latch onto. While giving more background to characters we already know is of course important for most aspects of fictional universe, this game has an opportunity that most other new entries in the series do not.

Since this is such a rarely explored period of time, it has the opportunity to establish a new section of Star Warshistory. Especially since the Disney acquisition of Star Wars erased everything we knew about this time before. The release of Solo: A Star Wars Story began the establishment of this era, but the expectation is that Fallen Order, and hopefully a few sequels, will finish it.

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