Star Wars Battlefront 2
Release Date: November 17, 2017
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA DICE, EA Motive, Criterion Software
Genre: First/Third Person Shooter
ESRB Rating: T
MSRP: $59.99 USD

Star Wars Battlefront 2 had great potential to fix the mistakes that were made in the first game of 2015. Those mistakes have been fixed, however new problems have been raised such as a progression system locked in loot boxes and the constant decision on what to spend credits on. The addition of all three eras is implemented well along with a fun battlepoint system that genuinely is new to use. An original Star Wars story is also presented which gives us a good insight on what occurs between episode six and seven.

The Clash of the Old, Semi-Old and New

What Battlefront 2 excels at is the addition of not just the clone wars, but also the new era. Being able to fight alongside Kylo Ren on Starkiller base is absolutely stunning and mind boggling. Maps are crafted to exactly what you see in the movies, only making the experience even more surreal. Some of my favorite maps include Kamino and Kashyyyk since we don’t get to see them often in the movies. We get short glimpses of Kashyyyk in Episode three, which is represented perfectly in the game.

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For those who play the main game mode, Galactic Assault, you will experience the full potential these recreated landscapes have to offer. Each map has a series of objectives catered specifically to it while taking the era into account. Designs of clone troopers, first order stormtroopers and other units are created exactly the way you see them on the movies and shows.

Battlefront 2 Kamino

Battelfront 2 has done something wonderful that the movies have been unable to do so far. They have collected all the movies and show’s content into one cohesive world. U-wings are shown throughout the original era maps, while rocket battle droids and Trident-class assault ships are found during the clone wars because they have only ever shown up in the Clone Wars series. This culmination of content is a great way to show that this universe is fluid.

An Original Star Wars Story

***Very minor spoilers follow.***

The story of Iden Versio and Inferno Squadron is an intriguing one. Getting to see the empire’s side of the story is a new perspective that I have wanted to see for some time. Once the second Deathstar is destroyed, Iden and her squad are given orders for Operation Cinder. As the details of the operation unfold, Iden and her team are left deciding what to do. The friction between character’s beliefs make for great story telling as they struggle on big decisions.

The campaign gives us insight into what exactly goes on during The Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Major characters such as Leia, Luke and Han are playable along with a few others. We jump around in these character’s shoes which sometimes felt like the story was progressing too fast. All this jumping goes on as the story of Iden Version also continues. Her story is tangled around theirs which only makes her more important making the player care more about her.

The campaign is typical first-person shooter levels, a cut-scene followed by shooting bad guys followed by another cut-scene. This formula works in terms of telling a story, but gets old after a while. Some elements of stealth and detective work are sprinkled in giving us a breath of fresh air.

Multiplayer Mayhem

Multiplayer in Battlefront 2 is enjoyable, but with a few minor issues. What makes it a joy to play is the small amount of game modes that are along with the new battlepoint system. Only five game modes exist in the game, but each is unique enough to have a different purpose. Galactic Assault is the main focus along with Starfighter Assault returning from the first game, which been overhauled completely. being a big part of the online experience. Smaller game modes include Heroes versus Villains, Strike Mode and the returning Blast mode.

Unlike before where players would have to pick up tokens on the map to become a hero or vehicle, you now must earn battlepoints via kills and objectives to purchase those items. This new system levels the playing field so that everyone has a shot to be Darth Maul or fly an X-Wing. Reinforcements are also a great new addition as they add even more variety to the battlefield.

Battlefront 2 Starfighter Assault

Out of all the game modes, Galactic Assault and Starfighter Assault are by far the best. These two modes provide the best Star Wars experience in terms of authenticity, scale and pure enjoyment. What these game modes don’t do well is the ability to play with friends or in a group. In Battlefront 1, players were able to partner up and spawn on them. Now, you will have to wait for your squad to ready up or wait for the timer to run out. Sometimes I would spawn far from the objective, then get killed immediately after after endless trekking. This caused some frustration during games. Some other issues I ran into included a few minor bugs that didn’t break the game, but were odd and inexcusable. The other games modes are just fun to play. Heroes versus Villians is a great change of pace allowing players to practice with characters they normally wouldn’t be able to get in Galactic Assault.

Classes are back giving each person a choice on how they want to play. Each class has a specific role on the battlefield which are supported with star cards. Every class has their own unique star cards that may provide a boost in regenerating health or gaining additional battlepoints when taking damage. They are all different enough that they provide each class with a specific role. Speaking of battlepoints, this is where multiplayer shines.

A Tainted Progression System

Out of all the good Battlefront 2 provides, it is all weighed down by a nasty progression system that players have no control over. Loot crate progression is by far the worst loot crate system I have come across. The only way to earn loot crates are by completing single player or some multiplayer challenges, logging in daily or purchasing them with credits. Credits are awarded for completing challenges and playing games, but not enough credits are earned in enough time to purchase a crate consistently. Credits are also required to be used on the locked heroes which they did lower the price of, but you are left deciding what to spend your money on. Loot crates or heroes?

Battlefront 2 Loot Crates

Do I want to purchase a loot crate that may contain something I really want/need, or purchase a hero that I might be able to be during a game of Galactic Assault? At the time of me writing this review, I still do not have all the heroes unlocked because I have that constant decision of a loot crate or hero. What makes crates even worse is that you have the ability of earning victory poses and emotes alongside star cards which influence game play. This kind of progression system is locked behind those crates giving players no options.

The Verdict

Star Wars Battlefront 2 provides fans with an authentic and original story that is worth experiencing for yourself. All three eras are recreated beautifully which also provide a fluid Star Wars universe. Sadly, what Battlefront doesn’t do well is the flawed progression system. Locking gameplay changing features in randomized boxes is not fair to players. This ultimately ruins the multiplayer experience for everyone.

Game Modes
Multiplayer Maps
Battlepoint System
Singleplayer Campaign
Minor Bugs
Amount of Credits Awarded
Loot Crate Progression System

Review Summary

Star Wars Battlefront 2 provides players with an original story that is fun and interesting while also providing a cinematic multiplayer experience. Unfortunately, that multiplayer is ruined by the loot crate progression system that is in place.

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