Yosuke Matsuda, President of Square Enix, recently discussed with GamesIndustry some of the goals they want Crystal Dynamics to achieve with Marvel’s Avengers (formerly The Avengers Project). Matusda explains that “Spider-Man was a huge title and a major success, so we would like to work hard to have that kind of success.”

Avengers Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, and Iron Man.

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Expectations for Marvel’s Avengers

Matsuda said, “So I guess it did increase my expectations [for Avengers]. I do believe you have to have high goals”. Sony has sold over 9 million copies of Spider-Man worldwide. It also broke Playstation‘s record of the most copies of a game sold in it’s first three days at 3.3 million copies. Matusda also commented that “I thought that Spider-Man was fantastic, but we don’t want to be bested by them. We are working very hard on the development effort right now, so that we are able to provide a new experience”.

Square Enix‘s President also put to rest any concerns about the game’s budget. Matsuda stated that “the lead studio on the project is Crystal Dynamics, and Eidos Monteral is supporting them, and there’s support from Nixxes. They are interacting with each other in a variety of different ways”. He continued, “When you talk about blockbuster or AAA titles these days, in general, you’ll find your resources are too limited if you try to develop them only at a single studio”. This will allow Crystal Dynamics and the other studios to better develop this blockbuster AAA game.

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This contradicts fan reaction to Marvel’s Avengers reveal trailer, and a common complaint was that the character models looked outdated. Some fans were even able to watch the gameplay that Square Enix had exclusively shown to a select few. They had similar complaints, as well as several criticisms about the gameplay and graphics. These opinions, of course, are only based off of an early version of the game. Crystal Dynamics and the other studios are still working hard on developing the Avengers game that Marvel fans deserve.

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