Square Enix Tokyo Game Show 2018

With Tokyo Game Show 2018 having closed, we take a look into the last day for Square Enix. The company that made their name in the JRPG genre. A company that really delivers a product, and delivers it with honesty. Some games they created might have been hit or miss, depending on a certain point of view, but Square Enix is a household name nowadays. They talk games, guest appearances, and more. Anyone who grew up with Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest will know what they are capable of as well as some of their accomplishments. Let’s take a look at a Tokyo Game Show favorite, Square Enix.

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood

This will be the original Stage show, then we will dive into the Studio side of the event. They begin by showing off a 2D fighting called Million Arthur: Arcana Blood, based on the anime of similar name. It looks fluid as a fighting game should be, fast, and not gimmicky in the slightest. There are no “special features” that we could see, and it looks interesting. We wouldn’t put it past Square Enix to add almost an unheard of amount of extras to their game. One can only hope it is as good as it looks. Million Arthur: Arcana Blood will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 November 29, 2018, in Japan.

Dragon Quest: Builders 2

What would the Square Enix event be like if they didn’t talk about Dragon Quest? Producers and directors talk about various Dragon Quest games, including the soon-to-be release of Dragon Quest: Builders 2. What’s shown with gameplay is a wonderful and fun 4 player co-op experience. Dragon Quest: Builders 2 is set to release in Japan for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 December 20, 2018.

Final Fantasy XIV

For Final Fantasy XIV, the developers explain about the latest patch as well as show gameplay. The producer and director Naoki Yoshida gives us a glimpse into how many active users are still playing and how much fun newcomers can still have while grinding out those levels. There are a lot of things to do in the game as well as plenty of types of characters to be. Still fun as ever because of constant updates in this ever-expansive world Square Enix has created.

The World Ends with You: Final Remix

With the Tokyo Game Show event coming to a close, we see The World Ends with You: Final Remix as well as some gameplay. Beautiful artwork once again, only something that the best artists of the industry can pull off. We’re looking forward to this game once it releases on the Nintendo Switch October 12, 2018.

Left Alive

Studio-side we get to see some Left Alive gameplay and a trailer, which leads to some amazing fight scenes. Everyone who is into futuristic war should check this title out. We are very excited for this latest Square Enix title. Mech fights, going into buildings as a human fighter, no matter what you are doing it doesn’t break immersion in the slightest. We expect Left Alive to release worldwide in 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Windows.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima

This Tokyo Game show is still proving its worth by providing the latest information on World of Final Fantasy Maxima. It’s a cute entry and deserves the name of Final Fantasy. Expect World of Final Fantasy Maxima out on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch November 6, 2018.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

Another title in the Final Fantasy franchise is a mobile game, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. With guests Chuunii and Misoshiru from YouTube, they talk about their third-anniversary event and updates to the game.

Mobius Final Fantasy: Warriors of Ruin

Just when you think Square Enix has not talked enough Final Fantasy, we have Mobius Final Fantasy: Warriors of Ruin. Being a popular mobile game for many, we see some gameplay and get to see how a game only needs to be fun to be successful. We can’t help but want to try it out for ourselves! A nice detailed look that gives us great expectations for future updates and titles.

The Quiet Man

With the Tokyo Game Show winding down at this point, we get a preview of another new title from Square Enix. Called The Quiet Man, we get a look at the controls, the graphics, and some of the story. We can’t help to be excited about this game. The Quiet Man will be released digitally on Steam and PlayStation 4, still no release window.

So many awesome games showcased extensively well. This is a wrap for Tokyo Game Show 2018 and Square Enix events, therefore we have to wait until next year for more. A lot to sift through during the coming years with a lot of good time frames for releases. We hope you had as much fun as we did watching trailers and learning of release dates. It felt like there was no bad game this event, and many are just around the corner. 2018 and 2019 already have a good amount of contenders for the greatest games ever released. We hope to be back next year to give further coverage to other companies and events. Tokyo Game Show 2019, here we come!

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