Say, do you like Portal? How about Halo? Well, how about a blend between the two?

Piqued your interest? Well, it should; 1047 Games’ upcoming Splitgate: Arena Warfare is exactly that blend between Halo and Portal that we’ve secretly wanted but never bothered to ask for. It looks phenomenal.

Portal Warfare

Really, the concept for Splitgate couldn’t be too much simpler. You run around an arena map in FPS combat, throwing portals on walls and shooting opponents from every which direction. The portal mechanic adds an incredible layer of depth, since you can both shoot and run through them. Imagine coming at an enemy head-on, only to shoot a portal direct beneath you, pop out behind them, and snipe them in the head. That’s the level of tactical strategy you can expect from Splitgate.

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There are 6 arenas currently in store for Splitgate’s multiplayer, and they’re inspired (to one degree or another) by the sci-fi setting of a Halo game. From the underground missile base of Silo, to the Tony Stark-esque mansion of Dorado, these varied arenas demonstrate a thematic diversity that is varied, yet consistent across each map. There’s even an ancient temple called Pantheon that gives us the vibe of a Dark Souls game.

There are also many weapons that, once again, are very inspired by the Halo games of old. You have your pistols, your plasma rifles, your rocket launchers, your assault rifles, your SMG’s. Most notably, however, is the Savage Rail Gun. As 1047 Games puts it, “[The Rail Gun is] a devastating weapon for players, harkening back to classic arena shooters. A fully-charged shot can obliterate opponents in one hit.”

So, all of this sounds exciting enough, but when can we expect to get our hands on the game? Splitgate is currently set for an unannounced PC release date in the second quarter of 2019 (with an eventual console launch), but if you’re too eager, a closed alpha is planned for this weekend, from 12 P.M. PST January 26 to 11:59 January 27. Hurry though: the alpha will only be open to registered alpha users who sign up at Team 1047’s website.

So, what is this 1047 Games?

Ian Proulx and Nicholas Bagamian originally met as computer science majors in the dorms of Stanford university. Since they both grew up on Nintendo 64 and Xbox, they quickly hit it off, and over the course of their education, formulated the beginnings of a game development studio. But what to name it? For the answer, both students simply looked to the dorm building they inhabited during college: number 1047.

Now, with Ian as CEO and Nicholas as CTO, 1047 Games is a 30-person game studio, solely focused in the ambitious project that is Splitgate: Arena Warfare. With the help of software engineer Olly Freeman, art director Danny Floyd, and many others, 1047 is seeking to create a mashup of two of our favorite games. We wish nothing but the best for this team, and hope that Splitgate ends up being an unparalleled success story.

But until then, be sure to go sign up for the Splitgate Alpha going live this weekend on PC to get a taste of the action yourself. For all things Portal, Halo, Splitgate, and everything else video games, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.

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