Spiderman far from the MCU | Epic Store Indie Restrictions – Power Up Podcast #85

In this week’s Power Up Podcast, we discuss the recent Spiderman controversy, Sony and Disney’s relationship, Epic Games‘ latest stance on Indie games and being anti-consumer, Stadia’s latest showcase, and Respawn Entertainment’s latest meltdown regarding Apex Legends.

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From Spiderman leaving the MCU, to Epic Games doing the dodgy with Indies.

First up, for the leading topic, the guys this week discuss Epic Games recent stance on non-exclusive indies and how this has negatively affected a couple of smaller indie Devs, You can check out the full story here

Darq Vs Epic Games
Smash Hit ‘Darq’ Rejected by Epic Games

Following this, we discuss the recent split between Marvel and Sony concerning Spiderman, how this could affect future Spiderman games, the movies, Sony’s plans for the Wallcrawler in the future, and the purchase of Insomniac games by Sony. You can read up on all these stories Here and Here

Spiderman PS4
Spiderman Swings out of the MCU

After this, Taylor discusses the recent uproar about Respawn Entertainment and their responses to their community relating to Apex Legends. Can we trust Respawn anymore? Will Jedi Fallen Order still be a smash hit? We discuss.

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