Spider-Man: Miles Morales Exclusive Gameplay Revealed

Spider-Man: Miles Morales emerged with new exclusive gameplay this week. The gameplay was courtesy of gaming magazine, Gameinformer. This was apart of their exclusive interview with the developers of the game from Insomniac Games. The videos featured new combat, a snowy setting, a boss fight, and Spidey’s appearance. Also, a new adorable ally in a “Spider-Cat” that helps Miles fight crime. The gameplay was captured on the Playstation 5 in 4K resolution.

In the “Checking In On Miles and Peter” video, Miles and Peter Parker swing into action to assist the police in escorting a captured villain. Meanwhile, Miles is going accustomed to his newfound powers. Something goes array, however, that causes both Spider-Men to help secure the dangling containment box.

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Working off the first clip, the villain in transportation is none other than the Rhino. However, he broke out from his containment to cause trouble. It’s up to Miles to take down the villain. This is confirmed to be the first boss you encounter in the game. The battle included plenty of neat moments, such as Miles’s new move called “Venom Punch.”

In the clip, Miles discovers a feline that is missing from its owner. The cat name happens to be “Spider-Man.” After returning the cat, Miles dawns a new costume, including the Spider-Cat inside his backpack. Also, with this costume, you can perform a special finisher featuring the pet.

This clip showcases the stealth combat that players will utilize within the game. The clip also includes the combat system featuring Miles’s electrical powers and invincibility to stay hidden amongst enemies.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will release on November 12th for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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