Spectating Dissidia NT’s Remaining DLC Characters

For as many crossover fighting games we see in the world of gaming, there is only one that honors 30 years of a long-running JRPG series.  The Dissidia series is a grand celebration of Final Fantasy and all the games we’ve got. With 15 main titles and countless spins offs, you can make quite the roster to have characters beat the tar out of each other. With Dissidia NT, not only do we have a base roster of almost 30 characters, but games like Tactics and Type-0 also found representation too. While the game’s been out for a few months now, it continues to grow bigger. One prime example is the season pass, which includes six more fighters that will join the roster throughout 2018 and 2019.

For those of you who are following the roster of the season pass characters, so far we’ve got two characters. We have the main antagonist of FF12, Vayne, and the “Treasure Hunter” thief from FF6, Locke. A good start so far although many are wasting no time in speculating the other four. When dealing with a roster that goes well past 20, one has to ask, “What can you add that the game is missing?” With so many magic or sword users on the roster, what else do we need to make Dissidia become grander? From what we can gather, we got the following clues about the last four characters in the season pass: one new female character, two new male characters and one returning female character from a previous Dissidia title.

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Four more characters to go. Who’s next?

With this information we got, it helps one better speculate which characters we have to pick from. To start, all these entries share one special thing in common: each of them is from the “new half of numbered Final Fantasy titles.” With this, we can knock off one through six off our list and have seven through fifteen to consider. They will also likely avoid “double stacking” characters from the same game into the roster. Chances are we won’t see much representation out of the Final Fantasy MMO games either. So that leaves us with the following numbers: 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 and 15. So out of these six games, let’s check out our choices and consider who may join the roster soon.

Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII

Because nothing says “marksman” like launching your dog like a tank missile.

With a “new female character,” you could say the choices are pretty spread out. Fang from FF13, Beatrix from FF9, Aranea Highwind from FF15 and even Rikku from FF10 to name a few possibilities. While there is a good number of ladies to pick from, there is one female lead that many believed would get into Dissidia 012. She didn’t make it as Laguna took the slot instead. Someone who played a rather big role herself in Final Fantasy 8: Rinoa. Armed with a special bladed projectile that flies back to her like a boomerang, she is Squall’s love interest. She also has connections with the Sorceress Edea and is a potential target of Ultimecia. Chances are that if she gets into Dissidia NT, there will be an interesting discussion between the two ladies.

While she has a variety of moves at her disposal, she also has something that only Golbez has: a partner. Enter Angelo, Rinoa’s Australian Shepherd dog. Besides supporting the team, Angelo can help Rinoa with a variety of attacks. Don’t tell me you don’t want to see Angelo Cannon be an HP attack too. Besides Angelo, she also has one additional Limit Break she can use: Angel Wing. Perhaps it gives her access to a “Magic-Berserk” state where she can bombard the enemy with a variety of magic spells. Definitely can be something that could let her be another dangerous marksman like Terra. No matter what moves she has, she could be a great compliment to backing up Squall in 3v3 fights.

Seymour or Auron from Final Fantasy X

With two separate entries for “man from a newer series,” we got lots of room to work with here.  In this first case, let us turn our attention to the other Final Fantasy on PlayStation 2: FF10. Chances are that Wakka and Kimahri will be playable so there are two other males characters left. The first of these men would be one of the actual villains of the game: Maester Seymour. While Jecht was a fine choice in his own right to be the “villain” in Dissidia, he isn’t much of a villain compared to his villainous colleagues. Just like our first season pass character, we can bring in the man who is a legit threat from their established title. Add on the chance he can even bring in Anima into the fight to raise hell and we have a guy who can bring the pain down on others.

On the other side of the coin, we have Jecht’s buddy, Auron. While we have plenty of giant sword users already, Auron would bring the finesses of a Samurai; something to which the closest we’ve come to that class would be an attack by Bartz. What’s funny is that it isn’t too hard to figure out how Auron would play either. If we look at his time in Kingdom Hearts 2, it can help to showcase just how he would control and what devastating strikes he can dish out. Perhaps he could have a callback to his Overdrives where he uses the jug next to him to enhance his attacks or cause powerful explosions. If each season character will have their own cut scenes in-game, you can imagine that he or Seymour would have plenty to talk about with Jecht and his boy.

The Return of Tifa, Yuna or Prishe

Who will be the lucky lady?

The third item on our list is “female, previously appeared in the Dissidia Final Fantasy series (from newer half of numbered Final Fantasy titles).” For those of you who haven’t played previous Dissidia titles, this is the easiest guess you can make due to the lack of remaining ladies. All the ladies from the original Dissidia are in the game. Meanwhile, Lightning serves as her game’s representative. This leaves us with only three left. These lucky ladies are Tifa from FF7, Yuna from FF10 and Prishe from FF11.  Not to jump to any conclusions, but it could be a fair assumption to make that Prishe will probably not rejoin the roster, so we can take her off. That leaves us with a Monk and a Summoner.

The question now becomes which of the two we need more in-game? With Tifa, she’d likely be an assassin with her quick and deadly combo potential. Meanwhile, Yuna could either serve as a marksman or specialist by summoning Aeons to fight on her behalf. For all we know, Yuna could take up her Final Fantasy X-2 attire and be a gunner too. Chances are that if the other FFX prediction happens, that could kill Yuna’s chances. And with the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake, it would be the best time if any to have Tifa join the roster at the time of the announcement. Regardless of who it will be, we will welcome back one of our leading ladies with open arms.

Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy XV

Related image
If you got to the end of Final Fantasy XV, you can probably guess why he’d be a possible addition

To wrap things up, let’s look at one of the more complexed (or complicated) antagonists we’ve had in the series. Just like Tifa getting announced with an FF7R announcement, it can stand to reason that when Ardyn gets his episode in 2019, he may also appear in Dissidia too. Square Enix already confirmed that the last DLC character will drop in February 2019, so the lineup. It would be nice to see one of Noctis’s friends get his chance to fight. However, it all comes back to the man who sits at the center of it all. The “jester who sits on the king’s chair.” Chances are they wouldn’t have given Noctis that line in-game if Ardyn would not be in Dissidia.

So how would one put Ardyn into Dissidia? Well for that, we need to dive into spoilers.  The irony is that when we play a game like Dissidia, you can’t avoid spoilers so let’s dive into it. Ardyn Lucis Caelum would have quite a lot at his disposal. Much like Noctis, he also has access to the Armiger, but he can use the “Lost Royal Arms” that Noctis can’t, such as a giant scythe. Finally, he could have “manipulative powers” that could help trick enemies to attack each other. With an enigma as Ardyn is, there’s no telling what kind of daemon he would be on the battlefield.

Conclusion: the writer knows this won’t be 100% correct

It would be great if all of this happened, there’s a great chance Square-Enix will shoot these guesses down hard. If Yuna got into the roster, it would kill half the guesses on this list. Still, that is the joy of Dissidia. The crossover fighting game that brings some of the most iconic characters in the series together so they can wage war against each other. For as long as the series has gone, there are little games out there that could make the same attempt if it wasn’t already an established fighting game series. Who knows if we will be so lucky as to see a second season pass. All we know, though, is that we have yet to reach the pinnacle of what Dissidia offers. The next character reveal will be on July 12.
So what do you think? Who will the last four characters in the Dissidia Season Pass? Do you think these guesses will happen? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming as we continue to explore Final Fantasy.
Editor’s Note: So as it turns out, Rinoa got her reveal earlier than I thought. It’s nice to know that the obvious choice got on and will be fun to see what she can do.

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