After an exciting Twitter fiasco, it would seem that Soulja Boy is back at it again with yet another gaming console.

Despite his previous operations coming to a close, likely due to cease and desist orders from Nintendo themselves, Soulja Boy is back in the console business again. This time, his device is looking strikingly familiar with the PlayStation Vita.

All this coming after an unsightly blowup on social media. The performer recently took to Twitter and took shots aimed at critics. “For Anyone That Thinks Nintendo Is Going to Sue Me You’re Retarded“. “Nintendo ain’t gon do S*!$“. Shortly later, his video game consoles were removed from his sales website, The latest SouljaGame Handheld has an almost piece by piece resemblance to Sony’s PlayStation Vita, the recently discontinued handheld device.

The device does seem to support tv out and micro USB ports for home entertainment purposes. It also features a built-in camera for picture taking and video recording, and MP5 support for games.

The new SouljaGame Handheld is going for $200, though it’s currently on sale for $99.99.

Hot take

It’ll be interesting to see just how far this device goes. One would think that after getting burned once in the video game market, the famous rapper would have learned his lesson. We’ll see how long it takes for word of this to reach Sony. For updates and more information regarding this latest gaming device, keep it tuned in here at Culture of Gaming.

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