Through an announcement on Sony’s blog site, the company has started to slow down game downloads as a way to regulate internet traffic in the US. This is to help accommodate the increase in online users who have turned to video games during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sony already started to slow down services in Europe earlier this week. While players may experience longer load times for games and downloads, Sony states that everyone should “still enjoy robust gameplay.”

It comes almost as no surprise since other online services have already begun slowing down service to keep up with the sudden and intense demand. The Verge states that sites such as Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, Apple, and Disney have already begun this with their websites and streaming. Sony’s biggest contender, Microsoft, has not given any official statement on if they will also slow down game downloads. Microsoft’s Xbox live service has had multiple outages in the last week or so, with the number of players online being too much for the service to handle.

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So far, Sony has been good about keeping their services live, with no large network crashes since the pandemic. With this in mind, the slowing down of game downloads shouldn’t be too drastic to hinder players from playing online or downloading games.

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