Sony Now Allows Users to Change Their PSN Names

As with most services, users have to register a PlayStation Network account in order to access Sony’s online entertainment service. Once the user submits their information and chooses their PSN name, they’ll be able to chat with and play with other users like Al CaPWN, xxjumpmasterxx, and the occasional string of numbers that may or may not be someone’s actual phone number.

As can be expected, some are unhappy with their chosen PSN names, especially given PSN’s age. For years, people have wondered why Sony didn’t offer PSN name changes. A few days ago, Sony’s Director of Social Media Sid Shuman explains on PlayStation.Blog that fans can finally change their Online ID on their PlayStation 4 or through their PlayStation Network account on a web browser. The first name change is free, but subsequent changes will cost $9.99, or $4.99 with a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Potential Consequences?

While offering new PSN IDs might seems innocuous enough, Sid Shuman explains, “… as a result of the new program, we’ve found an instance where a game did not fully support the feature… All PS4 games originally published on or after April 1, 2018 have been developed to support the online feature. However, since they have not all been specifically tested with the feature, we cannot guarantee that they will support it.”

Shuman also posted a list of tested games for players who want an idea of which games will play well with a name change and which games won’t. The blog mentions that some of these problems include no visible name change in-game, lost save progress, leaderboard progress, and trophy progress, and even a loss of access to DLC content.

Players can finally give themselves a new identity on the PS4, just make sure your favorite game won’t get affected.

For more on PlayStation 4 news and everything else related, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.

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