Smash Bros Memer’s Efforts Earn RUH Children’s Ward Nintendo Switch

In a time where drastic measures, limitations and sad stories are in adundance. It’s great to see that people are still doing their best to be charitable. This cannot be further exemplified than through the efforts of Super Smash Bro’s enthusiast Oliver Spencer-Rexin.

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Oliver started a Super smash bros DLC prediction Facebook group way back in December 2019. This is a direct parody surrounding the hype and mystery that comes with Nintendo’s decisions to include new fighters in the popular brawling title. Though the usual inclusions do tend to be specifically intellectual property of Nintendo. Oliver opts to take a more lenient and inclusive approach to his choices.

These can range from popular video game characters, famous British soap opera stars, YouTube personalities, completely inanimate objects of interest. Or simply Ed Finlay from his local Sainsburys getting up to different shenanigans.

However, through this fun and lighthearted parody page’s reasonable following. Oliver has managed to use his audience of Smash enthusiasts to do something amazing. Through a twenty-four hour live non stop live stream playing smash, Oliver has managed to raise just short of £500 in aid of RUH Children’s hospital.

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With these funds, Oliver has decided to use these funds to purchase a Nintendo Switch a. Plus a copy of Super Smash Bros, a fighter’s pass for the title, additional controllers and a collection of various other titles for the system for the RUH children’s ward.

We got the chance to chat to Oliver. When asked how he feels about the whole event he had this much to say:

“I feel tired mostly, but in all seriousness, i’d say primarily humbled and extremely grateful that such a dumb bit of mine could be used for something good. I’m also thankful that i could use it to give something back to RUH children’s Hospital.” – Oliver Spencer-Rexin

It’s amazing in such a bleak and challenging time within recent memory that wholesome acts like this are still taking place. It proves the point that if you have a platform. It can ultimately be used for good. So we commend Oliver for his efforts.

If you want to check out his fantastic parody page here’s where to find it. Plus while you are there, the donation service is still active. If you think the Kids at RUH deserve an extra Switch in their ward. We urge you to get involved and dig deep to support this great charitable effort.

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