News of a boring Red Dead Redemption 2 demo at the 2018 GME Conference in Indanapolis has fans concerned over the new Rockstar game’s quality. The demo was showcased specifically for employees of GameStop, but certain attendees from the show claimed that the demo showcased for them “put [them] to sleep.” Hope remains, however, that this is the internet, again, just doing what the internet does: overreacting.

Good Marketing vs Bad

Imagine if you were in the market looking for a new computer. The salesman shows you the top of the line computer, most definitely worth your investment. But the salesman, for whatever reason, chooses to focus on Microsoft Word as the highlighted feature. You might walk away from the demo, thinking that the guy wasted your precious time. That does not take away from the overall quality of the actual computer he showed you. The salesman just focused on the wrong thing.

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Numerous attendees posted on Reddit about how slow and drawn out the entire demo was. WDCombo posted about how it was “15 minutes of meandering through some woods and some plucky guitar playing.”

Slow and Steady Won’t Win Fans

However, it didn’t appear to only be the game’s fault. The person showing off the game did not seem to want to make the presentation fast paced. Instead, they thought the demo would excite people by just taking in the scenery. This seems to have been a miscalculation, because after a short heist was shown, the player of the demo didn’t bother to run all that much.

Reddit user ChronoNova said, “The dude playing couldn’t find the sprint button. Super slow.”

Demo Leaves No Reason To Worry

As much as the demo ‘put people to sleep’ or ‘made their butts hurt from sitting’, there remains one thing that people who report this story fail to remember. This is Rockstar Games we are talking about. It seems rather silly for anyone to become worried that Red Dead Redemption 2 will not live up to the Rockstar name.

After all, Grand Theft Auto V is still topping the best sellers list to this day. And that game is almost exactly five years old at this point. The company is known for putting a lot of time and money into all of their projects.

Remember, Grand Theft Auto V still receives online support from Rockstar Games. If the company puts that much thought into what they do for old games, one can only imagine just how much support they will show to their newest endeavor. Besides an iffy demo, Red Dead 2 looks as though it can at least meet fan expectation, if not exceed it.

Though it must be noted that the rest of the previews of Read Dead 2 have also only shown what fans already expected from a Read Dead Redemption sequel. New features still could be waiting in the wings to excite people. And even then, one should not underestimate just how beloved Red Dead remains to its fan base.

They Can Handle Themselves

The truth remains that we don’t know why the demo that got exclusively shown to GameStop employees let most people down. It could’ve been the player’s skill level or choice of how to play. It could’ve been the uncomfortable seats. But there should exist no reason to think that it had anything to do with the quality of the game itself. A lot of attendees even commented on how good the game still looked.

Read Dead Redemption 2 stands to be Rockstar’s next big hit. It possibly stands to rival Spider-Man for title of Game of the Year. It all comes down to not worrying about Rockstar Games. They can take care of themselves and their games.

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