The original Looter Shooter is coming in September, and Vault Hunters can’t wait to go on a third tour of Pandora. We got to see so many things in the Borderlands 3 trailer that ranged from what our new playable vault hunters, what they can do, brand new locations we will travel to and even a gun with feet.  Put that all together with their promise of “Billions of Guns” and we have a big game on our hands.

Please tell me there will be such things as “Gun Fountains” in the full game.  ^__^

For myself, I did re-watch the trailer several times over to see what small details I could find. Between watching frame by frame and checking out various websites and videos of “Things You Missed,” I came up with what I think are the five most important details to take away from Borderlands 3. This may not be as important to you, but it has left me so many questions on which we could expect to see later this year. Chances are you noticed a few of them too, but let‘s go over them and see what exactly we can decipher.

1) One of our bad guys is a Siren

In a world known to be highly scientific and over 17 million kinds of guns, Sirens have usually been a rather interesting enigma to figure out. To quote Handsome Jack, “All Sirens are born with different, crazy-ass powers.” There can also only be six Sirens that can exist in the universe at a time, and after the latest trailer, we know who all six are. The first two were the playable Sirens from the first two games: Lilith and Maya. The next two are officially dead, which were Commandant Steele (who became a meal for the Destroyer) and Angel (Handsome Jack’s daughter and the “Guardian Angel” to the Vault Hunters).

With the Borderlands 3 trailer, we finally met the last two Sirens. The first is our newest playable Siren: Amara. As for the second, it could be hard to tell at first, but when you look at Tyreen Calypso, you can see that she too has the blue Siren tattoos. So yes, we are going up against a Siren in Borderlands 3, but the rumor mill doesn’t end there. For the tall guy behind her called Troy, a lot of people took notice to the marking on his left eye.  Now you can say it‘s probably is a tattoo or war paint, but some believe that he too could have powers. Something to which, might seem unlikely since all Sirens are ladies. Not that Troy isn’t a threat, but it does seem rather interesting for the twins here to be the ones running the show.

You could say this could be like Handsome Jack and Angel to where Jack used his daughter to propel him to bigger and better things, and for all we know, Tyreen’s powers could be capable of such things too.

2) The word of the day is Brainwashing!

When looking around for information on Borderlands 3, one word kept coming up for whatever reason: Brainwashing. It sounds stupid, but upon re-watching the trailer, you realize something rather odd at the start.  Where you see Psycho who took off his mask and is walking towards the “Children of the Vault” settlement, you can look at the sign next to the recruitment and see a promotion for “Free Brainwash.”

So what does this mean exactly? Some made a speculative guess saying that Tyreen’s special Siren ability is one to brainwash the masses. It would make sense too considering the Greek Mythology of Sirens and how they would lure sailors to their death by seducing them through singing. Perhaps out of our six Sirens, one of them actually can be able to manipulate others into doing her bidding. It would make sense too considering we also see a reference to the “Holy Broadcast Center“ which would make sense for someone to help “recruit“ new people.

Now, this leads to one other question: What about Lilith?  Unlike the rest of the cast, we don’t see her with anyone else. In fact, we see her first smiling to the camera and then crawling away from the Twins towards something. Could this mean she too got brainwashed? And what role could she play in Borderlands 3? We must wait and see and the special draw is for our latest Siren and what Tyreen is capable of.

3) How significant was Tales of the Borderlands?

Out of all the returning characters we saw, the biggest shocker was a man who did not appear in any of the Borderlands games. From Tales of the Borderlands, we have Rhys returning with Zer0 standing next to him. Maybe Zer0 is acting as his bodyguard, but it’s hard to say for now. With a fancy new mustache, Rhys is looking rather confident in himself as opposed to the coward he started off as back when. By the end of the Tales From The Borderlands, Rhys became the new CEO of Hyperion and it looks like he‘s doing well for himself from the trailer.

You can tell how successful he is by the size of his mustache!

For as much as I can talk about Zer0 and Rhys though, there is one thing that comes to mind: What about the choices we made? Or what about… That Choice? For those who didn’t play Tales of the Borderlands, the two important things we can point out. The first is how fans are split on whether if Scooter is dead. The second is what happened to the Handsome AI in Rhys’s Echo Eye. While it was up to the player to destroy the Echo Eye or hang onto it, we will probably have a reference to it on its outcome. For all we know, Gearbox might have gone down the path where Rhys hung onto the eye, and not destroy it, which could lead to a fun situation of the return of Handsome Jack.

Who knows if they will go that far, but we likely will see a lot of callback to Telltale’s game.

4) Is one of the Vault Hunters a returning character?

So this one might be a big stretch but bear with me. Consider that with all the previously playable characters, the only ones we did not see in the trailers were Salvador, Gaige, Krieg, and Axton. Chances are when we get the next trailer, we could see them, but funny enough, there’s one more person left: Jack.  And I‘m not talking about Handsome Jack, but Timothy Lawrence A.K.A. Jack The Doppelganger.

If we were to consider how most playable characters from the Pre-Sequel is dead, joined the Anti-Jack resistance, or is a Trillionaire Baroness, We do not understand what happened to Jack the Doppelganger. Did Handsome Jack kill him? Did he get his face back after the reconstructive surgery? Or could it be that Timmy went into hiding until now?

This may be a stretch to consider, but what if Timothy Lawrence is Zane The Operative? Zane seems rather fond of the color yellow and his face sort of matches up to Jack (if we put a beard where his chin is). Probably the biggest kicker to this theory of mine is Zane’s action skill which lets him call in a hologram decoy.  Kind of like what Jack could do in the Pre-Sequel.

Don’t tell me you can’t see the similarities!

Chances are we will find out Timothy is dead and Zane is a brand new character like his other vault hunters.   Still, if you don’t have a means to get your face back to normal when every who looks at you thinks you‘re Jack, what better way to start fresh than by expanding out what you had at your disposal.

5) Multiple Skills with Our Newest Vault Hunters

Usually, when our playable Vault hunters, they usually would have that one unique skill about them that would let them gain the upper edge in a fight. With these four though, all of that is about to change. We can see examples of different skills used by our playable hunters. Examples include Zane’s aforementioned decoys and a drone (That reminds me of Wilhelm), alongside with Fl4k and the various pets he has. We also have Moze’s Iron Bear Mech and the different ways it can operate and Amara and how she can summon her six arms from Asura’s Wrath and can also Phaselock enemies.

Fight alongside, pilot it, let your friend climb on the back; So many options with this mech!

With how many abilities each of them looks to have, how exactly will we be using them? It’s possible that each character might have multiple abilities they can use at one time Or perhaps you can choose which ability you can use and go back and forth depending on how you upgrade your skills. It is hard to say how in-depth this will go, but we will certainly have much more variety in what we could do than with the other three games put together.

6) All gun manufacturers are unique to each other

After watching the trailer, I went ahead to check around various forums to see if there were any other interesting tidbits to talk about. As it turns out on ResetEra, I did make one final fun discovery.

Guns in Borderlands tend to run into a slight issue when it came to having them stand out from each other. It wasn’t too bad, but performance wise, it could be difficult to say.  This time around though, all gun manufacturers do have something special to them so it can almost be like a means to draw you towards what they have to offer.

Even the Cult has them a gun manufacturer! No more Bandits!

One brand new manufacturer is with The Children of the Vault and how their guns have an “Infinite Ammo Magazine” but is subject to overheating. Atlas guns let you apply “tracker tags” on enemies and then have smart bullets fly straight into them. Torgue guns can apple sticky projectiles where you can detonate them on the same target.

Vladof guns are rapid-firing and can chew through your ammo alongside with having under-barret attachments for tasers, rocket tubs, and other gun barrels. Maliwan can toggle between two elements and can charge weapons. And yes, the Tediore guns are back and can still act like a grenade when you reload. So many options with the various manufacturers that players will like to pick their favorite and focus on their particular favorites.

Was there anything else you saw?

For as much as I could keep ranting about Borderlands 3 and what we could see, I do have to draw the line here. As stated previously, until we get a gameplay demo that properly showcases our new characters and some special new guns, we have little to speculate on for now. Luckily we won’t have to wait too long since we will get gameplay reveal coming soon on May 1st.

Is it wrong for me to think the man on the right is Doctor Zed without his mask? Those Eyebrows…

Still, if there was anything else you saw in the trailer you think is vital for everyone to know, leave a comment down below and maybe we can do a follow up to talk about a few more tidbits we discover together in the coming weeks. Also, it would seem that Borderlands 3 will have cross-play between Xbox One and PC, and you can choose to not fight over loot with friends now so that should be neat.

Until then, be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more Editorials on your favorite games and more articles on Borderlands 3. Borderlands 3 will arrive on Xbox One, PS4, and the Epic Store (only for six months) on September 13.


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