Simulators - Life Choices

Lets talk about your life choices, but just the ones made in a simulation. We’ll focus on simulators that are about the everyday working class. In the current climate of simulators, we have almost everything one can ask for. From being a 911 operator, to a car mechanic, and even farming, there isn’t much left to venture. When life gives you lemons, be a goat. It may sound ridiculous at first, but simulators help us live with our choices in the best ways possible. So sit back, pay respect to these life professions, and enjoy.

911 Operator – A Stressful Job!

Simulations - Operator

This is one of those simulators that will not give you a break. 911 Operator sounds fine and dandy, but when you get into the game, you find pain and suffering. In fact, it deals with a lot of real-world scenarios that operators might actually get from time to time. This includes kids calling for no reason, possible hostage situations, and even people just wishing you a nice life! There is a decent amount of content, but there could be more variety of situations every day. Even at its worst, it felt like it only got easier to manage calls and dispatches. I gained immense respect for the people who receive calls from us. Every time you hear a siren after playing 911 Operator, just think of what the dispatchers go through.

Like most simulators, it does its job in establishing micromanagement. Sometimes there are multiple instances of police or medical support needed all at once, such as 5 locations in need of an ambulance. You can’t do it all, so it helps to set up good routes and routines for your units. Whichever requires the highest priority will pay out higher in the end. Money will be the driving factor, but it’s not needed as much to enjoy the overall experience of the game. When there are 5 needs for firefighters, there is nothing you’re able to do and just roll with what you have. 911 Operator is stressful and one of the better job simulators.

Car Mechanic Simulators – Which One?!

Simulations - Car Mechanic

Car Mechanic 2014, 2015, 2018, Flipper, Manager, and all the DLC that follow are solid choices. This profession deserves a high level of respect. In Car Mechanic Simulator 2014, 2015, and 2018, you find random cars to fix for a profit. The profits go towards replacing parts for future vehicles, and even expanding your garage. Barn and junkyard finds will keep you busy throughout this game with some not being worth it to others barely needing a fix and new paint. The developers strive for realism, and even though you’re not really there, it can feel like I am.

With every update, from 2014 to 2018, there is an upgrade in graphics, update in cars found, and even some nostalgic cars. Fix up an old DeLorean or Shelby? Car Mechanic Simulator has you covered! Car Mechanic Flipper on the other hand is more of a pinball machine. For some reason, what should have been an amazing range of simulators has turned into a pinball arcade machine. Car Mechanic Manager on the other hand feels more like a simulator, even if it does have the look of a Bratz or Barbie game. It’s certainly not as in-depth as Car Mechanic Simulator, but it’s slightly better than Car Mechanic Flipper.

Goat Simulator – Do we even need to get into this???

Simulations - Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator is sort of like one of those “cool” kids at a party who you know is causing trouble, but he just won’t leave. That’s Goat Simulator. It’s a nonsensical game you think is cool for a few minutes, but everyone’s playing and it won’t escape your Twitter feed. Developers have embraced glitches here with the look and feel of a Tony Hawks Pro Skater game. Being that kid who grew up doing tricks on his PSOne, there’s no denying the score system is similar.

As far as simulators go, this is obviously not a lifestyle, but it was one of the first to popularize the genre. Without Goat Simulator, there might not be as much of a push for simulation games as there is now. These are just a few games that have caught my eye, and there are hundreds more on Steam and consoles. With that said, Goat Simulator may not be such a terrible game after all.

Simulators – Where to start?

Simulators - The Hobo Experience

If you want to get into the genre, it’s good to start with the most appealing. It doesn’t have to be a fun ride, but it may get there with the next game. Simulators are a good way to relieve stress. There are so many titles on the market today, it’s impossible not to find one that interests you. If you want to be a hobo, or even a thief, there’s a simulator for it. Most are only cheap cash-ins, but YouTube has helped in forming my own tastes. This list didn’t even contain some of the niche life simulators. So, have a look around and find what piques your curiosity. As always, keep gaming and have fun. Life awaits you.

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