The Sims 4

Little is known about what the developers of The Sims 4 have in store this year for fans of the popular life-simulation game. Currently, the only content announced with a release date of this year is the Tiny Living stuff pack which is coming next week. There is also a community-voted Arts & Crafts-themed pack in progress, but a time-frame hasn’t been given as to when the pack will release. This newly-released survey asks fans to rate their enthusiasm for various potential gameplay ideas.

Unlike the surveys released last year, this new survey for The Sims 4 also asks for input on potential changes and/or features, such as more relationship types in CAS, relationship incompatibilities/consequences, initiated romance, an overhaul of winter activities, and a section for brand collaboration suggestions. This might be our chance to bring (more) attention to and finally get a fix for the Dine Out game pack. Click here to take the survey now!

There’s a lot of potential with this survey. This could also be a sign that EA won’t disappoint this year.

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