Signs Of The Sojourner: First Impressions

I recently got the chance to try out Signs Of The Sojourner, the debut title of Echodog Games. The small indie team is based in Los Angeles, California with only 3 members. Signs of the Sojourner is a narrative deck-building indie game about relationships and communication. Encounters are conversations rather than combat. Your ability to communicate with and understand other characters is based on a unique card game experience.

You can find out more information about the game and its team here.

I played this game for about three hours on my PC and I believe it’s very unique. I want to give my thoughts and opinions of this game. Keep in mind, I played an early alpha build of the game so some aspects of the game could change in the future.

My Experience With The Story

The story, from what I gathered, is about respecting your recently passed mother’s memories by managing the family shop. Your goal is to find supplies for the store by travelling around the world and completing missions. You start off in your home town of Bartow and choose to talk to Elias or Samuel first. After choosing Elias, the game begins with the key feature of the game, conversations. The game plays like a card game such as Gwent or Reigns. That said, instead of trying to take down your opponent’s life points or have the biggest numbers, you need to be successful in talking to others.

For example, if you are successful in talking with Samuel, he will give you a request to receive liquorice from another town. If you are not successful, you might lose an opportunity to gain a request or make a friend, therefore lose a chance to find supplies. There are some interesting characters to come across in your travels for instance, my favourite is the merchant, Ramir. He’s a mysterious character but as you progress through his conversations, he reveals more about himself and later on, assists you on your travels.

My Experience With The Gameplay

The way conversations actually work is that you are provided five cards with their own traits and skills. You need to strategize with the cards you use to make sure they fit with your opponent’s shapes. For example, Ramir started the round with a card that ended with a diamond. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a card that started with a diamond. So I improvised by using a card that has the ability to duplicate the previous card, which in this case, duplicated a diamond shape and won the round.

There are some small changes in the gameplay I would like to see in the future. Firstly, I would like to see some way to earn the necessary cards needed to be successful with the people you talk to. For example, I was talking to someone in Clifton, his main cards were square and circle shapes. I had no prior way to earn any square cards so I struggled with the conversation and eventually lost. Secondly, I would like to see some sort of card management/inventory system that helps fix the first issue. Due to a function where after each conversation, you must exchange an old card with a new card.

Unfortunately, the alpha didn’t have any music to judge upon. In addition, the visual art style is stellar to look at, reminding me of games like The Yawhg. I would also like to see more movement in the gameplay segments, perhaps adding animated backgrounds or slight movement from characters.

In Conclusion

I had a pleasant time with Signs Of The Sojourner. The gameplay is ambitious in what it sets out to do and portrays a unique concept in terms of gameplay. There are some faults in the game that can be improved but overall it was a great time. The art style never got old or tedious to look at, with many fun character designs and eye-catching colour scheme within the world. I would also like to hear what soundtrack they have planned for the game. I look forward to seeing how Echodog Games progress with the game’s development and I will happily play the final outcome once it’s released.

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