Today is Mother’s Day. This is the day to show your mom, or someone who’s been like a mom to you, that you love them. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes. Sure, I COULD give you a list of wonderful video game moms. But this is the holiday where we appreciate mothers of all kinds. So here we have a list of seven moms in video games who haven’t been appreciated enough. Just remember to get your mom something nice.

1. Luigi– Super Mario World

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I told you that mothers come in all shapes and sizes. Starting off this list is none other than the green capped brother to Super Mario, Luigi. I remember when the Super Mario World cartoon finally introduced Mario’s dino companion, Yoshi. Immediately after hatching from its egg, Yoshi confused Luigi for its mother. Mama Luigi went on to do anything for Yoshi such as read him bedtime stories. Furthermore, Yoshi would go so far as to sacrifice itself to help him and his brother make those impossible jumps. Now that’s the love that only a great parent could instill.

2. Mom– Pokémon

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No one can ever replace your mom. But choose any generation of Pokémon, and you have a mom who trusts you. She trusts you so much that even at the tender age of ten, you can go out into the wilderness by yourself, and make animals fight each other. Forget about stranger danger. You got this. She will heal any creature you bring to her house! Furthermore, she even seems ok with you choosing to live on the peak of Mt. Silver after you become the champion. The mom in generation seven misses you so much that she never wants to unpack boxes without you. Generation three mom even lets you ride in the cramped moving truck with the furniture instead of up with her. Such a nice mom.

3. Monika– Doki Doki Literature Club

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As you can tell from the first entry, unconventional mothers are not off the table. The babies don’t even have to be human, or in this case, any kind of creature at all. Monika may not be a mom, per se, but as president of the Doki Doki Literature Club, she acts as sort of the den mother to the rest of the ladies. She even reads all of your poetry, and she gives you advice. She will do anything to keep the club going. This completely normal club, with no secrets or disturbing truths or anything… Just be sure to spend the most time with her, ok?

4. Jenova– Final Fantasy VII

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What video game mothers list would be complete without Jenova? Not much is known about her actual parenting style. She was a simple extra-terrestrial that wanted nothing more than to infect other planets and spread her joy to all others, right? Injected with her cells, Sephiroth would stop at nothing to get vengeance for his “mother”. He went so far as to crash a meteor into the planet and be reborn as a god. Even from beyond the grave, she must be some mom to inspire that kind of dedication from her son.

5. GLaDOS– Portal 2

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In Portal 2’s cooperative campaign, we see GLaDOS mothering two robots named Atlas and P-Body. A good mother challenges her kids to succeed. Even if some of these challenges involve turret robots and lasers. Now, some may say that GLaDOS is too critical to be a good mother. I say that’s human talk! Also, have you put on weight?

6. Samus Aran– Super Metroid

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Samus Aran is a lot of things. She is an ex-soldier for the Galactic Federation. She hunts down space pirates. Samus was also the adopted child of the Chozo bird people. Eating, no doubt, what was regurgitated food from these bird moms probably taught her everything she needed to know about being a mommy when a baby metroid hatches, and mistakes her for its mother, so Samus knows exactly what to do! She takes the baby to a scary science lab to be studied. Any good mom would take her baby to the doctor. The baby eventually grows up and takes care of Samus in her old age, like any good kid would. Taking care of Samus involves fighting a giant mutant brain, but I know I’d do the same for my mom.

7. Mother Brain- Metroid

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