It’s Been Over 10 Years Since our Last Virtua Fighter!

Virtua Fighter has been the epitome of technical fighting games and stands proudly tall with other notable game series like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat & Tekken. On a Sega stream related to TGS 2020, CEO Haruki Satomi and company was celebrating 60 years of all things Sega as they have announced project titled Virtua Fighter x Esports.

There is nothing much else is known about the project but in the teaser trailer it proceeds to show the history and high level of competition in years past. It mirrors of what you see in the presentation of tournaments/esports today. Speaking of today we fast forward and the world of Virtua Fighter over the past several years have been barren with the community staying strong with Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. Finally the last scene shows Akira Yuki turning his back to see the viewer as the trailer ends.

What Does it Mean for the Virtua Fighter Franchise?

Announcing this project tells us some things:

  • Sega has not forgotten their high level fighting game franchise.
  • The project title tells us that this next game is esports focused.
  • Not as known for their single player story mode looks to continue the tradition.
  • Sega is keeping their cards to the chest as of now as not much is known beyond the teaser trailer and title. We don’t know if this entry will be a Virtua Fighter 6 or a reboot.

We will update you as we receive more details regarding this project. What are your initial thoughts of the announcement of Virtua Fighter x Esports? Excited to brush off  *insert your main here* your skills to refresh them? What are you hoping for this possible reboot/sequel of the franchise? Let us know in the comments below! Check out my other articles if you like! Also check back with Culture of Gaming for more of your gaming news!

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