Ever wonder about the hardships a squirrel goes through to gather the food it needs for the winter? Yeah, me neither, but an arcade style game about squirrels and dogs fighting over nuts sounds like fun. Let me introduce you to a little game called Save Your Nuts. Save Your Nuts is an indie game by Triple Scale Games. They are a four person team working from Montreal since February 2017 on the project. The game has a crowdfunding campaign that surpassed its first goal in 24 hours. If you would like to check out that crowdfund, the campaign is live until November 22nd. The site (and the demo for PC) can be accessed HERE.

If you would like to check out my time with the demo, I will be uploading it to my personal Youtube channel HERE.

Save Your Nuts is a competitive party game that, in the demo, centers around collecting more nuts for your team than the opposition. In the menu, there are three modes to choose from. For the demo, only Capture the Nut was available. A nut will fall from the sky in the middle of two teams of four. Everyone must fight over the nut to bring it to their designated doghouse. The first team to gather 5 nuts wins.

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During team selection, there are multiple choices for the animal you choose. At this time, I was able to choose from squirrels, wiener dogs, and armadillos. Once you have chosen the animal you want, you can change their fur and even give them hats.

This game was a blast to play for the about half hour that I played. Even with only AI’s playing it had me yelling in excitement. I did not notice too much of a difficulty spike going from normal to hard AI, but they were always fighting me for the nut. One instance, I had a clear path to my doghouse and out of nowhere got flung across the yard by a squirrel hopped up on a donut. The cartoon insanity is just the kind of thing to get a laugh out of me. Save Your Nuts is truly unique which is not a thing that you can say all the time with indie games constantly coming out.

Laid around the arena are different foods to consume that depending on the character you chose have different effects. Meat gives the carnivores speed, but herbivores become smaller and weaker. The opposite happens with vegetables. Donuts make your character slower, but stronger in a fight, and the hot dog gives an added defensive boost.

Your animal is capable of digging in areas of the map marked with an X. These areas bring up items that make the game insanely funny. The two I dug up were a bomb that blasted everyone to different corners of the map, and a jetpack that had me zooming around the place.

It looks like the game will release with eight levels, and can be played with up to eight people. From the short time I had with it, I would say Save Your Nuts is a blast and would be even better with human competitors. In a game that the AI easily could have made it a dull experience, I still had a great time. It’s a small game that excels with its physics engine. It does exactly what it needs to do to be fun. The game releases early next year on PC with promised ports to consoles following. Everyone should have a good time playing this game.

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