This has been a long time coming.  And despite all of the crazy rumors and supposed renders of the Note 10, we finally have some info on it.  

Samsung has split from tradition this time around with the Note 10. Traditionally, the Galaxy S line of phones have 2 different SKUs, and the Galaxy Note would  have just 1.  The latter being their highest end phone, with no competition within Samsung’s own lineups. 

In terms of hardware,  the Note 10 features a 6.3 inch FHD display, while the plus variant has a 6.8 inch screen, capable of going up to QHD.   Both phones feature a Snapdragon 855 and house the same cameras. Except, the Note 10+ has a time-to-flight sensor bundled in with the cameras.  And finally, the smaller brother sports a 3500 mAh battery, and the Note 10+ has a 4000 mAh battery built in.

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Along with these devices come a new and improved S Pen.  Along with the expected upgrades in the pen, comes a built in accelerometer.  With this, you are able to make gestures with the pen and control your phone.  Just like a magic wand. Apps can also utilize this feature as well, from what we have been told.  Personally this seems pretty cool, and I can envision a lot of creative uses for this feature in the future.

To top of this cake is the frosting of course.  Along with standard white, pink and black, comes a new flavor, GLOW.  From the images we have seen, this is something completely out of left field.  But it is a welcomed mix up.

There are some features that have been lost with this new generation though.  For starters, the loss of a dedicated power button. For the Note 10, Samsung has combined the power button with the Bixby button, leaving the right hand side of the phone completely blank. And, perhaps the biggest loss, the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. That last one drawing a lot of attention to say the least.  But time will tell if this feature is truly a deal breaker or not.

With this announcement, price tags have been placed on the Note 10 and 10+.  The base model of each sit at $950 and $1100 respectively.  if you want a bump from the base 256 GB of storage to 512 GB on the 10+,  that will cost to an extra $100, bringing the total up to $1200.  But, if you want the best of the best,  the true 5G variant will run you an extra $200.  Causing this phone to top out at $1400.  Damn.

Note 10 Colors


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