RuneScape fans: be sure to stay online this weekend. The bi-annual Double XP weekend is starting today, and will run until Monday, February 25.

Double XP Weekends allow RuneScape members to gain twice as much XP from battling. If you’re a brand new player, thinking about jumping into RuneScape for the first time, free players get a 20% boost for the weekend.

RuneScape developer Jagex released a very insightful video for the Double XP weekend. In it, many of the RuneScape developers and community managers gave some tips and tricks on the best ways to take advantage of the weekend. You can see the video below.

This kind of developer transparency is something that the RuneScape community appreciates -getting to see the minds and talents behind one of the oldest and most populated MMO’s in the world. “I like the way the layout of this video works,” Berd, a YouTuber with 800,000 subscribers commented. “you guys should introduce/include more staff members in videos rather than just livestreams to help announce new content.”

The RuneScape team has kept busy the last few months. In fall of last year, they released a major update reworking the game’s mining and smithing systems. Then last October, Jagex released a full-fledged Android/iOS version of RuneScape, complete with PC cross-play. With the amount of experience this team has had working with the game since 2001, it’s no surprise that they’ve learned how to push out steady content and support.

Do you plan on playing RuneScape this weekend? Let us know! And for more on RuneScape, MMO’s, and everything else video games, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.

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