We can’t get enough of heroes these days, especially when it comes to the likes of DC Comics delivering classic heroes, including the likes of Superman and Batman, especially with the recent incarnation of DC heroes getting their own movie and the release of Injustice 2. It’s safe to say that there’s never enough heroes in games, especially when you’re a hero called Batman. The latest Batman game was developed by Telltale Series, named Batman: The Telltale Series. However, recent news showed us that a Spanish retailer leaked that Batman: The Telltale Series will be coming to Nintendo Switch.

The team behind such well known games as The Walking Dead and Minecraft: Story Mode, Telltale are well known for their episodic, story driven games that allow the players’ choices and decisions to dramatically affect the future of the story, as your play style affects which ending you will get for the game. Telltale’s latest game comes in the form of Batman: The Telltale Series where you play through this episodic point and click adventure game in the shoes of millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and his alter ego bat-vigilante, Batman. In the game, you choose how to treat your friends as Bruce Wayne and who you choose as enemies, as they may affect the future of Gotham. Become the best investigator and brutal brawler as Batman, decide your fights against the criminals of Gotham. Each decision you make comes with its own consequences and punishments that may decide the fate of Bruce Wayne as you discover his fractured psych as he continues burdening his body and mind with the responsibilities of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Regardless of Telltale’s history with Nintendo, they disapproved of the limitations of the previous Nintendo console: Wii U. It seems that things are shifting with the new and improved Nintendo Switch, with the developer choosing to support Nintendo’s latest console. The Switch will be releasing Minecraft: Story Mode on its platform, and it looks as though they’re not stopping there as we may be seeing Batman: The Telltale Series on the Nintendo Switch soon.

Telltale has yet to confirm this news leak, but it would be a great time for Switch owners to catch up on the story of Batman in this Telltale series before the upcoming Season 2.

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