Rumor: Reports Claim Switch Pro Release For Mid-2020

Though we may have entered a new year, the standard rumor regarding a new Switch Pro model still continues to arise. This time, a report seems to claim that the alleged console revision will soon enter the market in 2020.

A Taiwanese website called DigiTimes has claimed that Nintendo is “reportedly planning to release in mid-2020 a new model of Switch”, with production beginning near the start of Q1 this year. The report has supposedly received this information from “sources from the related supply chain”, though nothing is currently confirmed. The article continues by stating that this new Switch Pro will have a magnesium alloy body instead of the original model’s plastic, along with a more powerful CPU.

At this point, a Switch Pro seems inevitable. Many previous reports have stated that Nintendo would create both an enhanced and mini version of their popular console, with the latter taking the form of the Nintendo Switch Lite. Of course, take this news with a grain of salt, as nothing official has been announced.

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Do you think this rumor is true? What do you think the Switch Pro will have? Let us know in the comments below! For more on the Switch Pro, check out our list of features we want to see, or you can take a look at what Hideki Kamiya thinks of the current Switch’s main menu. Otherwise, keep it on Culture of Gaming for all things gaming!

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Oscar Navarro

Oscar is a writer for Culture of Gaming. He is an aspiring video game journalist that follows anything and everything Nintendo. His favorite franchises consist of Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts.

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