City of Brass

Rogue-lites have never been more popular. The likes of Spelunky and Dead Cells brought on a slew of randomly-generated, infinitely-replayable games, and the newest in this genre is City of Brass from Uppercut Games.

City of Brass is a randomly-generated rogue-lite, but in a 3D world. You wield swords, ropes, daggers and torches as you traverse the trap-filled City of Brass. You’re constantly thrown into fighting and item-management scenarios, forced to keep on your toes and decide your priorities. Will you rush to the exit of a level without stopping for loot? Will you meticulously kill every enemy in your path to grind for treasures? Each playing method brings its own pros and cons, so you must constantly be deciding what the best route forward is.

Using your experience and ever-expanding knowledge of the world, you’ll progress further and further each time you restart. Repetition is the key word here, just like most other rogue-likes. You’ll only know that you can lure enemies into traps and can sling items at them after you’ve become intimately familiar with the game’s various systems and mechanics. It’s a fantastic mix between a rogue-lite and an immersive sim.

City of Brass released on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation last month, but it’s also available on Switch starting today.

The developer, Uppercut Games, is a talented group of game creators from noteworthy game design backgrounds. Among them is Ed Orman, developer for Fallout Tactics, and Ryan Lancaster, programmer for the Bioshock series. Uppercut was founded in 2011, and has since made the robotic tactical mobile game EPOCH, and the visual marvel Submerged.

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