$60 for a game can be expensive and depending on the game 60 bucks can be a poor investment. Being a college student, saving money for a $60 game can be a real challenge. For $5 ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS offers a fair amount for a generally good experience. So, what makes ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS a good game?


ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is a basic 2D shooter where the player controls a rocket and is battling in a chaotic space battle against the AI. You can add up to three different AI to add more fighters into the chaos. I personally found that when playing single player, fighting it out against three different AI was the best way to play ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS. Having more missiles, bombs, and rockets just created a far more chaotic experience that made things feel intense. Players can also change the environment. This means you can choose something with more obstacles, choose a setting that will be close range, and choose a simple regular environment. Each rocket also has certain advantages and disadvantages. You can choose to have a rocket that is very heavily based on speed, however, the rocket might be trash at turning. Each player can choose a rocket to fit their playstyle, and this also allows for variety in gameplay.

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Each rocket can take up to three hits before being knocked out. However, hitting another rocket will get you back another life and will allow you to take an additional hit. Thus, in order to win, you must generally build a three-point lead against your opponents.

Game Modes:

If you go straight away to the “select game mode”, you should have five game modes options.


You can simply flip between six different maps. You have the default map, blank, CloseQuarters, AsteroidField, TheTower, and Battleship.

Quick Face-Off:

A fast, quick, and intense battle that can be between 2,3, or 4 rockets. Fight against the AI or against a friend. Blast off and take them down!!!

Zen mode:

A very simple game mode. Just fly around with one to four rockets while listening to the ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS soundtrack.

Tournament mode:

Run a tournament that can be in the modes best of, monarch, elimination, and first to. You can only do tournament mode with friends.


This mode helps you set up your joycons…yeah…exciting stuff I know…

You have only two game modes worth playing through. The tournament game mode and the quick face-off game mode. Also, the tournament game mode can only be played with a friend, thus, single player game modes are in short supply. Single player experiences on ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS feel limited, and constantly playing against AI can get boring quickly.


ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS has an archaic visual look that I adore. The soundtrack has that weird robot retro tune that works with this archaic feel. If you love playing retro spaceship shooters, then you’ll feel at home with ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS. The game looks and sounds like those retro space shooters. You got the squares, triangles, and other retro shapes that bring you back to geometry. It’s like a little kid took colorful shapes and just slapped it on a black background, and then they had spaceships get involved. It’s a simple, yet cute appeal.

The drawbacks:

ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is a good game, however, there are a few drawbacks to the game. These aren’t flaws and drawbacks that hinder the game, however, these drawbacks are worth mentioning. Nonetheless, keep in mind, you get what you paid for.

Single player is lacking in ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS. Not everyone always has a friend to play with. In single player, you can only play quick face-off game mode. The quick face-off mode has plenty of fun moments, however, figuring out the AI’s pattern can be easy. Also fighting the AI simply may not be a challenge for certain people. Having access to only one game mode and decent AI can lead to a boring experience after a few hours. The lack of an online multiplayer mode does not really help. Having access to an online multiplayer mode would add for a few more hours of additional gameplay.

Thus, ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is clearly suited better for multiplayer. However, even when playing with a friend you only unlock one additional game mode (the tournament game mode). This gives you a total of two game modes. The tournament game mode does give you some additional variety, however, the game does feel like it lacks a little in content. You only need to play a few hours of ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS and you’ve experienced all that the game can offer. Nevertheless, as previously mentioned, these drawbacks are not game breaking flaws. Additionally, ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is a twelfth of the price of a $60 triple-A game. This game is for some people.

So, who should buy this?

ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is a game for the people that have friends over all the time. If you’re looking for a super cheap party game that’s simple to pick up and play, then this game is for you. Also, this game is most enjoyable playing in short bursts instead of hour-long sessions. Additionally, don’t expect much outside of the quick match and tournament game modes. Hey though, it’s $5, and you’re getting what you paid for.


Graphics have a nice archaic vibe
great multiplayer experience. Play this game with friends!!!
It’s simple, however, the dogfights have plenty of fun moments
It’s five dollars
Single player is lacking
No online
Even with multiplayer, you’re still limited with game mode options

Review Summary

ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS is a fun space shooter that suffers from a lack of content. The singleplayer can get boring over time, and while multiplayer offers a few additional modes, it still does not offer much else. Playing with friends is really fun, however, this is a game that’s better for parties and is best experienced in short bursts. The game is fun and is only $5, however, you probably will put this game down after only a few hours due to the lack of content.

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