Rocket League’s New Event Is Jam Packed With 80’s Nostalgia

Radical Summer was announced recently as an 80’s theme event for Rocket League. The official Rocket League Youtube channel revealed that the latest event will be jammed packed with 80’s Pop Culture Themed Cars, Modes, and DLC. The trailer showed the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Car Pack, Knight Rider Car Pack, and other Pop Culture themed Car’s and Wheels that include The GooniesBack to the FutureKarate Kid, Voltron, WWE, and E.T.


The event trailer also revealed several new limited time modes. These include the Ghost Hunt, Spike Rush, and a Beach Ball modes. If you couldn’t tell be the title, the Ghost Hunt mode will be a Ghost Busters themed mode. It will be a “3v3 mode where each team uses their proton stream power-ups to try to trap the ghostly ball in your opponents’ Containment Zone.” The Spike Rush mode is also a 3v3 mode that “each player has the Spike power-up from Rumble Mode that can be activated to carry the ball, and deactivated to pull off some wild psych outs.” Lastly, the Beach Ball mode “features 2v2 action with a larger ball, low ball gravity, and the Curveball mutator activated.”

Radical Summer will go for 9 weeks, and it will begin on the 10th of June. It is also split up into three separate sections, with 80’s Blockbuster Films starting on the 10th. Later, 80’s Culture will start on the 1st of July, and 80’s Television will begin on the 22nd of July.

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