Rocket League Becomes The Next Victim Of Review Bombing

Following the announcement of the Epic Games Psyonix partnership, review bombers have decided to target Rocket League on Steam. As of the past 4 years, the only way PC users could download Rocket League was through Steam. Thousands of PC users had no problem with this since Steam has been the leading PC games store for years. And as the Epic Games Store continues to expand, there has been an increase in people who dislike Steam‘s new competition.

When Epic Games had announced that Metro Exodus was to exclusively release through their store, Steam users had erupted in hate. People from all over the world were un-happy with the decision from 4A Games. Epic Games had notoriously been known for selling micro-transactions of “stolen” or similar dance moves and “overpriced” skins in Fornite. So people from throughout the internet didn’t like the fact that they were selling games exclusively. Following the announcement of the exclusivity of Metro Exodus, several months later Epic Games had revealed that Borderlands 3 will exclusively release on their store. So you can probably understand why people are upset with the Psyonix partnership.

As of the past day, the reviews for Rocket League on Steam had been filled with hatred for the Epic Games acquisition. User’s are calling Psyonix “sellouts” and they seem to be disappointed. As the game has increased in negative reviews, Steam‘s anti-review bombing tool seems to be taking effect. With this, the reviews continue to pour in but the overall review score remains very positive.


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