Hello everyone! After some delay, may we present to you Episode 4 of the Retro Rumble podcast, and the second part of our Final Fantasy discussion! Join Culture of Gaming’s own Mike, David and Aidan as they discuss the PlayStation era of the legendary RPG series, Final Fantasy.

Don’t forget you can watch our next episode LIVE at Twitch.TV/CultureOfGaming at 9pm BST (1pm PST) (every Friday). Our next episode will take place on October 5th with several COG staffers returning to discuss an equally legendary first-person shooter – – Half Life! (Note: Episode 08 will begin a little later at around 9:45-10pm BST.)

Oh and if you happened to miss Part I, you can listen to it here – Retro Rumble Podcast Episode #03: Final Fantasy Part I – The NES/SNES Era

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