Retro Rumble Podcast Episode #01

Hello everyone! Say hello to a new show from Culture of Gaming, the Retro Rumble podcast! A podcast dedicated to classic video games! New episode every week!

In our “first” episode the podcast gang discuss the retro goings in the modern world, the UK’s North East Retro Gaming convention and Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. We also discuss some of our favourite video game menu music, our most controversial video game opinions, which Pokemon we’d like as a household pet and plenty more!

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David White

David primarily writes retro video game content for Culture of Gaming, he is almost exclusively a retro gamer and a collector of classic games and video game consoles. He fancies himself a bit of a video game historian with a deep love for video game and arcade game history and so is the host and creator of Culture of Gaming's Retro Rumble Podcast. He comes from Wales in the United Kingdom though absolutely loves the country and culture of Japan. He is a professional poker player and often listens to <i>The Cure, </i>metal, blues or jazz. When not, he spends most of his time gaming, hunting for classic video games, reading, practising the guitar, watching anime, sci-fi or horror movies and cooking Japanese food.

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