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Respawn Entertainment is Making a VR Game

Following news that the Oculus Rift is breaking down its price point and the announcement of the Oculus Rift Go, Respawn Entertainment revealed that it is working on a virtual reality game that is not related to the Star Wars universe or the Titanfall series.

The shooter in development is aiming for a 2019 release date with few other details being announced. The news was unveiled at the Oculus Connect event, with details on the official blog page. Director Peter Hirschmann was excited about the news in a open-letter.

“While the game remains secret (spoiler: it’s not Titanfall or Star Wars™), our relationship with Oculus is now out in the open. We couldn’t be happier to have such a great partner, and to be building our game on such an amazing platform as the Rift.

There are so many cool parts to making a game in VR, but perhaps the most intense one is emotion. While you know you’re wearing a headset, your brain processes VR on an emotional level. Though you’re in a simulation, you feel like you’re there. It’s all kinds of awesome.

So as a developer, game assets you’ve seen a hundred times on a monitor suddenly become real when you put the headset on. The sense of scale, the sense of presence, there’s nothing else like it. It’s the difference between using your mouse to rotate an object in an editor and walking around it in real life. It is a true privilege to build a game in this kind of immersive world.”

Respawn Entertainment released the highly underrated Titanfall 2 last year in October which featured no season pass, and is now working on a Star Wars title with Director Stig Asmussen of God of War III.

[Source: Respawn Entertainment, GameInformer]

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