Resident Evil 8 details may have leaked online detailing the games First-person perspective and the return of series regulars.

The leak that comes from Youtuber Residence of Evil, who first reported on the information gives by Biohazard Declassified’s tip line. The leak states that the game will retain the first-person perspective that was introduced with the series 7th entry in 2017.

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The game will take place in an Eastern European setting, first in a village, and then in a mountaintop castle similar to the setting of Resident Evil 4.

Gothic Bio-Terrorism:

The reported leak also confirms the return of Ethan Winters, Resident Evil 7’s unwitting, everyman as the protagonist. Series regular Chris Redfield will also return. It likely the game is a direct sequel to the events of RE 7.

The leak also mentions a bunch of details about the game’s enemies, marking the return of zombies, a female ghost that stalks the player and most surprising werewolf-like enemies stalking the icy hills of its new setting.

Finally, the leak mentions that the game will not be called Resident Evil 8 but will feature a clever subtitle over the standard numerical titling. Whether this means the game will be a spin-off or that Capcom is just ditching the standard sequel formatting remains to be seen.

Renaissance of Evil:

Some of the information gleaned from the leak is expected, such as the return of Chris Redfield, but others such as the continuation of the first-person perspective and wintery castle setting are somewhat surprising.

The return to Resident Evil 7’s style of indie horror makes sense considering the strong reception of 7, soft rebooting of the series in 2017. But with last year’s release of the Resident Evil 2 remake garnering universal acclaim from fans and critics, it’s surprising to see the company not follow those games return to third-person action.

Resident Evil 3 remake releases on April 3rd alongside Resident Evil: Resistance an asymmetrical multiplayer game set in the series world.

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