The Resident Evil 3 remake, which has been getting reported issues of performance for the Xbox One, received an update today. The Resident Evil 3 1.05 update is currently available to Xbox One players to download and aims to fix consistent issues on the Microsoft console.

What Does The 1.05 Update Aim To Do?

The update is aiming to solve most performance issues that Xbox One players may have. It comes in at around 100mbs for players to download. Following this update, players have reported the performance issues to be fixed, for the most part. The game now apparently runs at 60FPS consistently with little to no drops in frames.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

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(Image source: PCGamer)

When Did This Issue Crop Up?

Since the game’s playable demo that was made available last month, there have been a steady flow of reported issues in terms of performance when running on the Xbox One. The game was supposed to be able to steadily run at 60FPS on a 4K display.  However evidence from players shows the game’s lack of ability to handle that upon release. The full release of the game was consistent in terms of  performance issues for players playing on day one. Xbox fans were left disappointed that these performance issues were not tackled before release.

The Resident Evil 3 remake is available to purchase on the Xbox One. This title would fit well for players who wish to experience the terrifying, suspenseful and down-right brilliant visual experience that is the Resident Evil 3 remake.

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