Remnants of Naezith is a 2D platformer that will absolutely satisfy any needs you have for speedy and fun gameplay.

The time I have spent with the game has been a rollercoaster of emotion. I am not a glutton for punishment like Dark Souls fans, and so I found myself a little put off by the game’s difficulty. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed games like N+ and Cuphead, but it’s not the type of game I actively seek out. Regardless, Remnants of Naezith had me sinking plenty of time into it and provided an extremely satisfying payout.

Remnants of Naezith Gameplay:

Now, let me make it clear that by no means is the game difficult due to any faulty mechanics or poor handling. The game handles like butter. The levels are just HARD. The base controls are simple enough, you swing with your grappling hook, and you can dash. But there are plenty of really cool moves to learn that makes mastering this game a real challenge. I still haven’t fully gotten the hang of surfing on water! Remnants of Naezith has that “easy to learn, hard to master” type of gameplay. But that’s a big part of what makes the game so appealing. Remnants of Naezith provides an immersive experience that has you saying “okay, just one more try”, about a hundred times over.

Level Creation:

Remnants of Naezith comes with a level editor mode, where you can create your own levels. I gave it a try and was astonished by the amount of detail that you can put into creating a level. It took me back to all the time I spent in the Forge mode in Halo 3, endlessly tinkering away at my creation. I think the level creation mode is an absolute blast, and a splendid addition to the game. We all saw what Super Mario Maker did, and I think Remnants of Naezith has absolutely nailed that concept, and will have a great community because of it. While the levels themselves already provide a good amount of replay value, the level editor adds a whole new world of value.


Remnants of Naezith provides a great atmosphere with good detail and variety. Since the main purpose of the game isn’t exploration, it would have been easy for the team to just insert bland environments. But the game has a truly commendable level of detail in each level. And the fact that no detail was left out in level editor’s arsenal makes this even more impressive. One thing I take a bit of an issue with is the game’s music. It isn’t bad by any means, albeit a bit repetitive. I was hoping for a much more intense soundtrack to match the gameplay. As of now, I haven’t finished the game. So I’m very excited to see how crazy the levels get. And maybe the music will get crazier as well!

Overall, Remnants of Naezith is definitely one of the hardest platformers you’ll come across. But that’s part of it’s charm. The ability to provide something so staggeringly difficult that keeps you HOOKED is truly an art (pun intended). While this style of game isn’t for everyone, it’s surely a gem to add to the list alongside the likes of Cuphead, N+, and Super Meat Boy. 

Want to try it yourself? Check it out on Steam here!

High Replay Value
Great Environments
Smooth Gameplay
Bland Music

Review Summary

For fans of the genre, Remnants of Naezith is an absolute must-play. This game is a speedrunner’s dream come true. And with a high replay value, what more could you want?

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