This week Red Dead Online starts off their newest update by introducing new World Enhancements.

Rockstar reveals a trailer for Red Dead Online‘s new update which includes info on the content players will get in the coming weeks. Content will include competitive modes, daily objectives and awards, enhanced law and bounty system and new weapons and clothing.

Daily Challenges

The update introduces daily challenges which are nice ways for players to get gold nuggets and experience. This after players receive their seven challenges for the day players can hunt animals, shoot players in showdowns, and hunt treasure to complete them. The challenges differ day-to-day so players should find ways to complete them. Those who complete all 7 challenges will earn a big bonus in both Gold Nuggets and Experience.

World Enhancements

The visibility of player blips have been reduced over long distances. This way players won’t be displayed on the map unless they are nearby. Aggressive players will appear dark red along with their posse, while other passive players are marked as blue. The red players will be seen across the map to warn players that they’re dangerous outlaws.

Like in GTA Online, players can initiate mini deathmatches called Feuds when a rival posse or player kills you once. Additionally, players can initiate a parley where they can’t kill each-other for around 10 minutes.

New Law and Bounty System

If players decided to bring trouble to the western world, they will earn a bounty. When your bounty gets too high, NPC Bounty Hunter will chase them down. If outlaws want to live the dangerous life, they can gain a high bounty to get into more persistent trouble.

New Weapons and Clothing

The unique Rare Shotgun is available in stores today in the Unique Weapons category. It’s a unique engraved shotgun that’s being sold for $258. In the meantime, the Evans Repeater is still not available, so players will have to wait possibly next week for the new weapon. It’s also interesting to note that with the Unique Weapons category, future unique weapons will come and go.

The Rare Shotgun is now available at your local gunsmith.

New Clothing and emotes are available in stores. While the clothes are on the expensive side at around $100 for many of the items, they can add a bit a color to a player’s wardrobe. The emotes are, while creative and fun, are also expensive at around $100. Also just like weapons, unique pieces of clothing will come and go from the tailor, so get them while you can

Free Items!

If players log in before March 5, players will get free consumable items in their mailbox. These items include 2 potent snake oils, 2 potent bitters, 2 potent miracle tonics, 2 horse revivers, 2 potent horse stimulants, 8 poison arrows and 10 explosive slugs

Also, PlayStation users can get their early access content including the Jawbone Knife, which can be bought from the Fence, and some new clothes and emotes. The game mode for Open Target Races will be available through the online menu.

Coming Weeks

Fool’s Gold, the Free Roam Event where players wear a suit of Gold Arm or to fend off against players will be available next week. Also the game modes will released afterward every week such as the Target Races where players race on horseback while shooting down targets with limited bullets.

They also describe that Fishing Challenges will be coming to Free Roam hopefully next week where players who opt will both get free fishing gear and protection against violent outlaws.

The three Showdown modes: Up in Smoke, Spoils of War, and Plunder will arrive later along with the Featured Series blip where players can join in on the featured game mode of the week.


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