Red Dead Online has been quiet lately. Last week Rockstar announced on their newsletter that the first title update will be coming Feb 26. It will add some much-needed features to keep players interested. These features include bounty hunting, daily challenges, and several bug fixes.

This week Rockstar announced several pieces of content being added to the game which includes free roam events, new showdown modes, and some new weapons for your cowboy.

Free Roam Events and Challenges

One of the new Free Roam Events introduced with the new update is the Fool’s Gold. One player gets to wear a protective suit of golden armor while everyone else tries to kill him. “Fight to take down the armor wearer to earn points and claim it as your own, then turn the tables and earn points for kills while wearing the armor.”


Fool's Gold Event
One cowboy gets a suit of armor the rest can try to kill him.

If being a walking tank is too violent for the civilized people of the West, then players can take up Fishing Challenges. Players who opt-in to the challenge through the free roam quick menu will receive a free fishing rod with lures and bait (if you don’t already have one) and will be safe from other players during the time. It’s nice to relax occasionally, and just have a nice time trying to catch the biggest fish with other players.

Rockstar also announced four new Showdown Modes: Up in Smoke, Spoils of War, and Plunder. These are game modes revolving around capturing and delivering bags of loot from each-other. The modes are probably like Red Dead Redemption multiplayer’s Grab the Bag and Hold Your own modes where teams steal money bags from each-other in a capture the flag fashion.

Online is also getting new race modes with Target Races where players must shoot targets to pass checkpoints instead of just racing through a checkpoint.

New Cowboy Guns and Outfits

Rare Shotgun
This antique from Red Dead 2‘s single player will be added to Online.

Rockstar has also announced two familiar weapons heading to gun shops in-game. The Evans Repeater, a favorite from Red Dead Redemption is coming back with its notoriously huge clip of 22 bullets. Alongside this fan-favorite is the Rare Shotgun with a unique antique stock and brass finish. If it’s the same Rare Shotgun Arthur Morgan can get in Story Mode, then it’s safe to assume the other rare and unique weapons in single player may cross over to Online.

There will also be several clothing items added to the shops to dress yourself up with including a Diamondback Hat that is adorned with a snake. They also mention that special items may appear go in the store catalogues. There is no information on what these items could be, but it can be assumed that special unique pieces of clothing or weapons may come and go in the future.

If players are tired of spitting on the floor to express themselves in-game, then they can use the several new emotes being added to the update. Hopefully, Rockstar has the rights to Carlton so players can taunt their enemies after a winning in Gun Rush.

PlayStation 4 Early Access Content

PS4 players will get Open Target Races. This is where players compete in an open space to take out the most targets on horseback. Players will also get the unique Jawbone Knife along with some clothes and 3 new emotes.

Since the update is coming out on Feb. 26, players who play the Red Dead Online Beta this week will earn 20% more XP on all activities. Now everybody can rank up and get money in time for the update.

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