Rainbow Six: Siege continues forth into their 4th season in Year Three. For this update, players will travel to the Atlas Mountains and will be joined by two operators from the Kingdom of Morocco.  Rainbow Six had secured permission to use the renowned fortress to test their skills and be ready for the next impending threat against the world. with a breathtaking oasis and a stunning mudbrick kasbah, it’s be hard to stay focused on the task at hand as you prepare for combat operations. What can we expect in the next update coming to Siege? Let’s find out.


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The Groupe d’Intérvention de La Gendarmerie Royale (or GIGR for short) is a regiment within the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie. Serving as Morocco’s Special Forces, they comprise specially trained military units trained to carry out a range of special operations.

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Nomad Blows Away The Competition!

Going to be hard to resist yelling “Fus-Ro-Dah!” every time someone gets thrown backward…

Brought up in a wealthy family, Nomad enlisted into the Royal Moroccan Army at a young age. As a practical survivalist, she has also traveled the world and seen more countries on foot than any other operator in Rainbow Six. She is smart and resourceful and even assisted in the development of a non-lethal push back design meant to push predatory wildlife away without harming them. This device would later become an attachment to her signature rifle called the Airjab Launcher.

Her Airjab Launcher attaches to her weapons and launches a sticky proximity grenade that when triggered, fires off a burst of air that can blast anyone nearby it away. You can use these Airjabs to knock around players as they fly backward and lose control for a moment and knock them out of the corners they are hiding in.  This can be especially dangerous for shield users as it will force them to drop their protection. While the device is non-lethal, you and your allies can be knocked back too if you’re caught in the blast. Still, it can be fun to watch your opponent sudden fly off a roof or through a wall.

Nomad is an attacker with two speed, two armor stats. She is the first attacker who can place traps and force enemies out of hiding. In fights, she uses the AK-74 and the ARX200 as her primary weapons. Be careful of where she could be since you don’t want to be on your back and in the open.

Kaid and His ‘Shocking’ Lessons

Seen as the very definition of a traditionalist, Kaid is arguably one of the most successful resident Commanders in the Moroccan Special Forces. Serving as the 8th commander, he abides by strict values and leads by example as his teaching methods and leadership style has proven to be effective. He teaches all incoming soldiers to be self-reliant; something to which Nomad takes to heart. He also believes that being over-reliant on technology can lead to an Operator’s downfall. He sees protecting the Fortress as his top priority and his spider-inspired gadget helps to ensure this.

Kaid’s “Rtila” Electroclaw can be seen almost like Bandit’s Shock Wire. While the Shock Wire can be set on metallic gadgets, Kaid can set the Electroclaw to any surface. Once set, it takes a few moments to charge up before it can electrify any nearby metallic fortifications. Barbed Wire, and any Reinforced surface will begin to surge with electricity and can even set it on reinforced hatches from below. While intimidating, characters like IQ can still locate the claw while Thatcher can use the EMP to disable. If not set up early, it can still be taken out safely.

Kaid is a one speed, three armor defender. He uses the AUG A3 Submachine Gun and the TCSG12 Shotgun. Use Kaid to anchor down and help keep locations secure and safe.

The Fortress

The Fortress serves as a Miltiary Training Facility and the home of Kaid. While you can walk around and see his portraits at various places, the location can be beautiful to walk around and explore. Don’t be too distracted though at this two-floor structure with two objection locations. There are plenty of exterior stairways and locations to climb up to the roof, meaning attackers have plenty of options to attack from above if they choose to. There are numerous ways both attackers and defenders can turn the fight in their favor, so be sure to explore the fortress and see what is in store.

So what do you think? Are you excited for Rainbow Six: Siege Wind Bastion? Will take advantage of the Airjab and Electroclaw? And what special gadgets could be in store for us next in Siege? Be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more pieces on upcoming games and updates for your favorite titles.

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