With Sam Fisher joining Rainbow Six: Siege under the callsign of “Zero” in the next update, “Shadow Legacy” looks to be making some big changes. A new playable operative can usually shake up the game, and the rework of the Chalet map will allow more even more navigation options to the venerable retreat.

Sam Fisher joins Rainbow Six: Siege! Now when is that long overdue Splinter Cell game coming?

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While that in itself would usually be it for updates, Shadow Legacy is doing a lot more than that as the next operation coming to Rainbow Six: Siege is pretty substantial. So much so, it could be possible that two Operators could be in danger.

Shadow Legacy Update

As a quick rundown: Here were all the upcoming changes coming to Rainbow Six: Siege.

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  • Ping 2.0- With so happening in matches, it would be nice to know who is pinging what exactly. With Ping 2.0, every player will get their own number assigned so that when someone pings something, teammates can know who is saying what and where. Pinging will also be available from Cameras and Drones.
  • Weapon Optics- A new set of scopes and magnification levels are coming to Rainbow Six: Siege. Red dot sight, holographic sight, and even some operators having different optics for different guns, there will be a lot of customization options available to players.
  • Reinforcement Pool- Previously, Defenders only got two reinforcements among each player. While it is nice to have, a problem could come up where the slower moving operatives may not set up their reinforcements fast enough. With the update, it now becomes a pool of ten reinforcements, which can allow the faster-moving operatives to set up more reinforcements for the team. This will allow anchors to not have to go roaming and focus more on the site they are protecting.
  • My Siege Stats- A new tool on the Official Rainbow Six Siege site that gives you a breakdown of your in-game performance. See how you’re doing and learn where you need to improve yourself.
  • Match Replay: Currently on the PC test Service, this will allow players to lead up any of their last 12 matches to watch. See how you did, teammates and opponents. Study up or remind yourself of that one time you made that power play.
  • Map Ban: Is there a map you would like to not play on? Good news, you can now ban one map and have some control for where you play.

Then there are the updates that affect two specific Operatives.

So overall, a lot of good changes and new features to help improve the overall experience of Rainbow Six: Siege. But now, we get to the two updates that have a lot of players talking. One change is one that was a long time coming while the other is something that could make one operative seem pointless to play as. Who are these two characters? Let’s not stall any longer and dive into them right now:

Thatcher’s EMP Rework

So quick question before we dive into this topic: What is an easy way to find out which characters are considered “Over-powered” in a roster of over 50? The answer: Look at the rate players ban them. And according to esportstales, If we were to look at the ban rate for platinum and above, the attacker who sits at the top with a 50% ban rate is Thatcher. Kind of a no shocker there (apologies for the pun) when we consider how his EMP Grenades are a defender’s worst nightmare. With a Meta that has a high focus on electronics, being able to shut them down with one EMP blast can be too strong.

Well, it seems that the development team agrees with this. Plans to rework Thatcher’s EMP Grenades were in the works for quite some time, but with this upcoming update, they just got a massive nerf. Instead of destroying any electronic devices, the EMP Grenades will now disable enemy gadgets. This means after a bit of time passes, gadgets will come back online, and you can still use them (if they aren’t destroyed with bullets or explosives).

Thatcher time as the most dominating attacker could now be in jeopardy, but this now means attackers will need to be more careful when they push on objectives rather than EMP grenades clearing out the dangers for them. Will this knock Thatcher down? Highly possible, but as long as you know when to use the EMP grenades, he could still be a powerhouse choice.

Secondary Breaching Tools Options (Thermite obsolete?)

It almost seems funny how according to that same ban list from earlier, Thermite sits in 10th place with a ban Rate of 2%.

The other big update is bringing a brand new option to attackers and how they can breach walls. With the brand new “Hard-Breaching Secondary Gadget,” you can now set up a breach with anyone that can destroy walls or reinforced hatches. Then can still be dealt with by defenders through any means as before, but once it is set up, it will blow a hole big enough to vault through.

A brief history in Bypassing Reinforced Walls

Now we need to keep in mind that at the time of Rainbow Six’s launch, Thermite was the only operative who could get through reinforced walls by effectively with the Exothermic Charges.

Later on, we got to see three other operatives that could also have their way with reinforced walls. These were Hibana’s X-Kairos that can launch projectiles to then blow a hole through reinforcements. Then we have Maverick with his Breaching Torch to burn small holes through anything. Finally, we got Ace’s “Aqua Breacher,” which he can throw onto a wall, and it will blow the wall three times.

It is nice that all attackers will have the means to combat reinforced walls, but here’s the problem for Thermite: While one can trigger the explosion, another can make tiny holes and the other sets it and forgets it, Thermite’s gadget doesn’t feel like it does anything unique anymore. Or rather that his gadget is now available for all attackers, albeit to a lesser scale. If that’s the case, why would you pick him? Not to mention that he does leave himself open while he deploys his gadget while others have better protection in comparison. 

Of course, if this means his pick rate does plummet, perhaps he could see a possible rework or perhaps a change in how he deploys his charges. Otherwise, it could still be possible where he might be in higher demand if he may become the go-to character when it comes to taking down reinforced walls if you give him both his gadget and this brand new Secondary Breaching Tool. Keep a close eye on Thermite for the next upcoming update for Rainbow Six: Siege.

What do you think?

Could Thatcher and Thermite be in danger of becoming irrelevant? Or will they still be just as effective as they are right now? And what do you think about Sam “Zero” Fisher coming into Rainbow Six: Siege with his fancy new gadget and weapons? Be sure to leave a comment down below and follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more articles looking at Rainbow Six: Siege and all things in the gaming world.