Rainbow Six: Siege Details Operation: Phantom Sight

A new season of Rainbow Six: Siege is coming up, and once more we find ourselves with two more operators joining and a map rework. This season’s name is Operation: Phantom Sight, which likely got its name from our new Attacker and Defender Operators. So let’s not waste any time and dive straight in.

New Attacker: Nook and Her Ability to Vanish

From Demark’s Jaeger Corps, we have a rather devious looking operative who thrives on how not to be seen. She is a two-armour, two-speed operator and can use the FMG9 submachine gun or the 612SD Shotgun.

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Her special device is the Hel Presence Reduction which lets her vanish completely from the view of cameras and lets her tread lightly. You won’t hear her footsteps and it can even look like nothing is there to the glancing eye, when in fact, she can be standing in plain view. Her gadget can recharge over time, so as long as there’s a charge, you can use it to sneak around.

As powerful as this sounds, it isn’t without its shortcomings. If she moves fast, you will see a blurry image on the camera feed. Even moving over destroyed debris or barbed wire will cause the image to blur and give you a hint of where she is. Meanwhile, characters like Mozzie when using a hacked drone or Echo’s Yokai will show camera interference, thus helping out in where Nook’s location is.

New Defender: Warden and his Spiffy Smart Glasses

As apart of the US Secret Service, this spiffy looking gentleman is ready to protect the objective while looking good doing it. Not many operators naturally carry their business casual appearance over into the game, and those glasses are more than just a fashion statement.

Warden’s Special Gadget is the Glance Smart Glasses and his Snazzy Statement Watch. Usually, it helps to distract defenders with tools to impede their sight. Warden, however, is able to bypass those simple shortcomings thanks to his glasses. When activated, Warden can become immune to flashes as well as remove the effects of a flash if he took a hit. As for the smoke, Warden’s glasses will provide him with a clear vision. As such, he can be a nightmare for anyone using Blitz, Ying, or Glaz against him.

You can enable and disable Warden’s glasses as you need to and have a cooldown before you can turn them back on. Also, be aware that characters like Thatcher and IQ can disable or detect the glasses, so it is best to not be too reliant on them. Still, as a High-Armor, Low-Speed operator, Warden can utilize either the MPX submachine gun or the M590A1 shotgun, Warden has plenty of ways to close out gunfights.

The Cafe is (Re)Open for Business

With the two operators, we have a rework of Cafe Dostoyevsky. This three-story gathering spot got some lovely renovations and with it, a new bomb to enjoy while older sites have become more viable. One example we got was the stairway’s placement on the map which will allow for an easier means to access the reading room. Meanwhile, the kitchen area looks nice and the roof will allow for easier infiltration. Overall, these changes will help to keep the balance between Attackers and Defenders.

What do you think?

While we do not know when Phantom Sight will begin, it is likely coming in the next month or so. Alongside these changes, expect to see more balance changes to current operators and even more goodies coming down the line as we continue to press on through 2019.

Do you think these Operators will make an impact on the game’s meta? What other operator ideas can we see come into play in the future? And what else can we expect from Rainbow Six: Siege as it prepares for its next season? Be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more news on Rainbow Six: Siege and other things in the gaming world.

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